The Moment Institute


To advance the human capacity to learn from each moment.


The emergence of a new paradigm for education through which people and the planet flourish.

Dr. David Drake

I have dedicated my life and career to standing in third spaces — as someone who is (1) a grounded practitioner and a visionary thinker, (2) who is dedicated to the scholarly and the shamanic, and (3) who has created three bodies of work and thrives in the power of the moment.

I have studied, written, and taught all over the world. I love finding ways to distill ideas and insights down to their essence and then creating experiences that bring this opening to life for people. I was born to stand at thresholds as a witness for others on their journey of becoming.

Faculty and Hosts

We are forming a stellar faculty for our Integrative Development and Narrative Coaching learning communities. We will soon be launching an extensive library of recordings by David for each one to allow him to devote more time to write and create in support of this work.

We have a wonderful group of hosts for our events; it will be expanding next year through our new threshold workers group to support our retreats. Later in the year, we will introduce them all to you.


Our work revolves around the philosophy and practices of Dr David Drake, and our global learning communities are at the heart of our identity and success as an Institute. Our practitioners are drawn to this diverse and unique community because of the quality of the people we attract and the transformative experiences we create together. It is a space for growth that feels for many of our folks like coming home.

They include:

  • Coaches
  • Consultants
  • Educators
  • Facilitators
  • L&D/HR leaders
  • Psychotherapists
  • Social workers
  • Trainers

A ‘square peg’ like me has found a home in which I learned to embrace my identity, and show up as the human being that I am. I travel lighter and bring deeper value to clients. This would not have been possible without the support of fellow travelers. - Froukelien I.



We encourage all who are interested to contact us for more information.

Pioneers Scholarship Program

We offer three $1,000 Pioneer Scholarships to applicants who will use this work to further their contribution to a more inclusive and generative society.

Future Leaders Program

We offer two $1,000 Future Leaders Scholarships to applicants who are emerging leaders in their field and work in organizations seeking to develop more inclusive and integrative ways of growing their people.

Scholarship recipients are asked to write a case story on their experience in our community, how they applied what they learned, and the impact they had as a result. We will feature these case studies on our website to celebrate their accomplishments and inspire others.