Move to the opening where learning awaits you, even if it is in the unlikeliest place.
It has been waiting there for you, like a rose unfolding in the morning sun.

– Dr. David Drake –




At our core is a deep and abiding sense that we have come home.

After twenty years traveling the world teaching narrative coaching to tens of thousands of practitioners and dozens of organizations, I feel like I've come home as well. It has been inspiring to watch the depth of the relationships that have formed among our global community of past and current students of this work. We are a diverse and open tribe of pioneers dedicated to re-inventing ourselves and our craft so we can bring this work to the people and issues we care about.


Dr. David Drake

David has devoted his life to the art and science of change. He has helped thousands of people cross thresholds to free themselves to be more fully human. He knows from his own journey the price we pay when we don’t show up to these moments.

He used his doctoral research to found Narrative Coaching, and he has taught it to practitioners in over 40 countries. He founded Integrative Development as a powerful new approach to learning & development that he has used in his practice for 20 years.

David serves as a Thought Leader for the Institute of Coaching at Harvard, and he gave the opening keynote for the first International Coaching Psychology Congress. He has written over 60 publications on coaching; he is known for his presence, wisdom, and insight.


The future will be shaped by nimble pods of highly committed people in deep relationship. Mikela/Philip Tarlow

We changed our name from the Center for Narrative Coaching to The Moment Institute in 2018 to reflect our growth — most notably our new Gateway Program, Integrative Development Certification Pathway, Narrative Coaching Certification Pathway, and emerging Narrative Release work.

In 2022 we will be launching a consulting practice to bring this work into organizations and institutions, including our 720° Feedback Process. We will also be launching a social enterprise as a cooperative — a co-creative space for peer learning, peer support, and peer innovation.


Learning, like seeds, needs a readiness to crack open the shell and a willingness to move into the unknown above ground.  (David Drake)

Narrative Coaching was the first step in a larger mission that now includes Integrative Development and Narrative Release.

We equip practitioners to transform how people learn and develop — in schools, organizations, and communities. All of our work is grounded in the same philosophical and theoretical foundation and Dr. Drake's research and practice over 25 years, yet each practitioner integrates and embodies this work in ways that fit them and those they serve.


A renaissance is a rebirth of old ideas in a new context.
Doug Rushkoff

Integrative Development is an established discipline in the academic and professional literature. Integrative Development has been used in tens of thousands of innovative L&D projects of all sizes.

Integrative Development practitioners are recognized by their distinctive approach to design and delivery. Narrative Coaching lives on; Narrative Release is embraced as a new way to help people find healing and wholeness.

Our work and community are recognized for their contribution to the transformations we need in these times.


When we try to pick anything out by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.  (John Muir)

We believe that the gap between what we are asked to do and what we are capable of doing will continue to grow.

We believe that the gap between what we are asked to do and what our soul and the planet need us to do will continue to grow.

We believe that to close these gaps we need to profoundly shift how we learn and develop individually and collectively.

We believe that our work at The Moment Institute will contribute to closing these gaps, particularly as it evolves through our community.


Can you be still enough to let the muddy waters clear?

Every moment has the potential for liberation.

Everything you need is right in front of you.

The resolution you seek is already present.

Speak only when you can improve on silence.

Development depends on readiness to learn.

The path to healing passes through our stories.



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