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The Beyond Coaching Experience Program

These times call for the courage to connect with our heart and our shared humanity.


– Dr David Drake 

The Beyond Coaching Experience Program

– Dr David Drake

The Beyond Coaching Experience™

It is time to re-imagine our practice

We are being stretched to live and work in new ways as we come to terms with the profound changes that are unfolding around us. This coincides with the challenges facing the professions and institutions which we have relied on. Taken together, it is clear that we can no longer work from within any one silo. We are being called to a more integrative practice.

The Beyond Coaching Experience™ is the gateway to all that we offer at The Moment Institute. It is an opportunity to learn the essentials of Integrative Development, the framework that underpins narrative coaching and was made for these times.

If you've studied Narrative Coaching, Integrative Development enables you to apply what you learned to broader issues and in any moment. The BCE is your gateway to becoming an Integrative Development Practitioner.

The BCE Program includes:

MODULE 1: Holding Space in the Field for What Matters — (1) Opening yourself to a new way of being with clients; (2) Deepening your development in four critical areas; (3) Experiencing and experimenting with what is possible

MODULE 2: Working in the Moment to Facilitate Learning & Development — (1) Thinking in new ways about what clients need; (2) Using The LASER Approach to support breakthroughs; (3) Increasing your awareness and agility as you work

MODULE 3: Co-creating the Scaffolding Clients Need to Flourish — (1) Seeing your role as eldering to have more impact; (2) Using The iBEAM Framework to sustain client growth; (3) Consolidating and embodying what you have learned

Join Us!

This is a unique opportunity to take your practice to the next level and distinguish yourself in a crowded market and a world in need. You will make new connections with like-minded practitioners and gain tools you can use right now to get started.

Together, we can create new ways of working that are urgently needed in our careers and our communities. For some of you this will validate and strengthen how you already work; for others of you it will open up new vistas for what is possible. This program will increase your ability to adapt to a world that has changed and to work with greater freedom and impact.

The BCE Online is the required gateway to all of our programs, including The Integrative Development Practitioner Program starting in January 2021.


CONNECTION — Every BCE session includes the use of Zoom breakout rooms for small group learning, peer support and community building. You will also have access to your cohort colleagues in a private online Community Forum.

RECORDINGS — All sessions are live and facilitated by Dr Drake — and you will have full access to the video recording, audio recording, presentation slides and transcript. You are pre-registered for all Sessions on Zoom and can attend one or both of them.

COMMUNITY MEMBERSHIP — To support your ongoing development, BCE graduates can choose to register for the Community Membership program — which includes monthly calls, access to a private forum for global BCE alumni, and additional resources.

CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION — All BCE participants will receive a Certificate of Completion for 15 synchronous hours from The Moment Institute, signed by Dr. David Drake.

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The 2021 Beyond Coaching Experience™

This online program with Dr. David Drake is where the journey begins!


Start Date: January 13, 2021
Full Schedule: (Wednesdays)

Module One — January 13, 20, 27
Module Two — February 3, 10, 17
Module Three — February 24;March 3, 10

*** Bonus Celebration March 24 ***

$497.00 USD

Sessions are 90 minutes; you can attend AM and/or PM sessions

AM Session – 10:00 AM Eastern/NY USA
PM Session – 6:00 PM Eastern/NY USA



Start Date: April 7, 2021
Full Schedule: (Wednesdays)

Module One — April 7, 14, 21
Module Two — April 28; May 5, 12
Module Three — May 19, 26; June 2

***Bonus Celebration June 16 ***

$497.00 USD

Sessions are 90 minutes; you can attend AM and/or PM sessions

AM Session – 10:00 AM Eastern/NY USA
PM Session – 6:00 PM Eastern/NY USA



Start Date: July 14, 2021
Full Schedule: (Wednesdays)

Module One — July 14, 21, 29
Module Two — August 4, 11, 18
Module Three — August 25; Sept 1, 8

*** Bonus Celebration Sept. 22 ***

$497.00 USD

Sessions are 90 minutes; you can attend AM and/or PM sessions

AM Session – 10:00 AM Eastern/NY USA
PM Session – 6:00 PM Eastern/NY USA



"Thank you for the impact you are making with The Beyond Coaching ExperienceThis work is transformative for me . . . and for every one of my clients. This program has introduced me to a whole new paradigm, yet honors my 20 years as a coach-practitioner. I am forever grateful for the introduction to Integrative Development . . . truly the right work for this time."

Deb Levy, PCC

"The Beyond Coaching Experience has taken me to new realms of understanding how to change. It has allowed me to open other channels and access greater abilities for transformation. This is a unique program that lifts my coaching identity to a whole new level, allowing me to create impact more quickly, deeply and meaningfully. Especially in this time, this is so needed. I am deeply grateful."

Emma Noguchi, PCC

"The Beyond Coaching Experience created the space for me to build on and bring to life the most authentic parts of my work. I feel inspired to forge a path forward that feels truly aligned to who I am. Thank you for empowering a pioneering community of practitioners designing new ways to serve others."



Jen Brice


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