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Who are you feeling called to serve — and what do they need most from you?


– Dr. David Drake 



In addition to our current Certifications, (listed below) we are creating a global learning ecosystem. It will draw on the expertise of our community and address the needs of our time through new Certifications and other collective and customizable ways to learn and grow. Graduates of the IDP Gateway Program can take any of our Certifications as their needs evolve.

You will meet kindred spirits from around the world in the Gateway Program, and you can trust that everyone has the same foundation when you join a Certification Program. It is part of our commitment to community-centered learning through which The Institute and its members can adapt more readily and shape our professions.


– Dr David Drake


Narrative Coaching

Narrative coaching is a mindful and experiential approach that helps people make real change in real time using their own stories. It draws on Dr. Drake's doctoral research and has been taught to over 20,000 coaches and clients around the world.

In this Certification, you will deepen your capacity for (1) embodying radical presence; (2) sensing and using the 'field'; (3) deep listening and inquiry; (4) improvising using narrative material; and (5) creating structures for success. As a result, your clients can accomplish more in sessions and after they leave.

Narrative Release

Early in his career, Dr. Drake was a crisis intervention worker, grief counselor/educator, and hospital chaplain. He has been on a quest all his life to understand how to guide people through transitions. He has used everything in this program to support his own journey as a wounded healer and in facilitating the Threshold Retreats he has run around the world.

In this Certification, you will deepen your capacity for (1) using attachment theory in client relationships; (2) working with the Shadow; (3) moving through grief; (4) releasing trauma; and (5) working at thresholds. As a result, your clients can find greater healing, wholeness, and post-traumatic growth.

Integrative Development

Integrative Development is a revolutionary approach to learning and development made for this time as we all grapple with fundamental choices about our future and the stakes are higher than ever. It is based in Dr. Drake's analysis of the research on what people need in order to perform well; and the success factors from 25 years of his client projects: (1) leadership programs with immediate impact at less cost; (2) participatory change projects that actually worked; (3) breakthroughs for individual and team clients in less time.

In this Certification, you will deepen your capacity for (1) creating crucibles for change in the moment; (2) moving between roles as you work; (3) supporting strucrtured emergence; (4) designing client interventions; and (5) creating your own ID practice. As a result, you will be able to meet clients where they really are in this upside down time, offer new options for meeting their needs, and work with more ease and agility.

How to get certified 

Your first step is to join us for the Integrative Development Practitioner Gateway Program starting July 8th. This program was created using ID principles, so you are experiencing and learning the philosophy of this work at the same time. The focus is on your own development so this work enriches who you are and how you work, not just what you do. During The Gateway Program you will learn more about the Certification options so you can choose the one that would best serve your personal and career needs.


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