David Drake, PhD

Founder, developmental alchemist

Contributing to a new future now

We live in a time when many of our stories about how things are supposed to be are being challenged. This is a liminal time in history as we are called to make significant choices about the road ahead. David draws on ancient wisdom, radical presence, and innovative practices to develop practitioners and organizations who can contribute to the new stories we need about how to live and work.

If there was ever a time for enlightened pragmatism, this is it. David created the Institute as the founder of narrative coaching and integrative development to bring this work to the world through a global community of fans, graduates, and allies. David also works with individual and organizational clients who are committed to liberating the human capacity to learn and grow in service of the common good.

If you are interested in (1) being coached by David to make more of a difference; (2) working with David to reimagine learning & development in your organization or institution; (3) partnering with David to draw on his unique expertise; or (4) having David speak at your event, let us know.

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Our Partners

Each of our partnerships reflects our shared passion for the global evolution of coaches and coaching itself as well as the necessary revolution in how we foster learning and development.

Coaches Rising: We are thrilled to bring Integrative Development to their global community.

Coaching.com: We will be partnering with them to bring Narrative Coaches to their platform.

Ovida.com: David serves on their Advisory Board in support of their AI-based coach development platform.

Our Clients

David's current projects include: (1) the fourth year of an amazing project supporting the development of over 30 Aboriginal leaders in Australia; (2) advising the large leadership development team for a major US company; and (3) serving as one of two coaches on an AI standards for coaching working group. Some of our other 70+ clients are listed below.

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