David Drake, PhD

Founder, developmental alchemist

Contributing to a new future now

We live in a time when many of our stories about how things are supposed to be are challenged. David draws on ancient wisdom, radical presence, and innovative thinking and practices to develop practitioners who can contribute to the new stories we need.

He leads the Institute and is its core teacher as the founder of narrative coaching and integrative development. David also works with a select group of individual and organizational clients who are committed to liberating the human capacity to learn and grow in service of the common good.

If you are curious about working or partnering with David, for yourself or your organization, let us know.

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Our Partners

We are thrilled to bring Integrative Development to the wonderful Coaches Rising community starting in December. It reflects our shared passion for the global evolution of coaches and coaching itself.

We are in conversation with another global player as well. Stay tuned.

Our Clients

David's current projects include: (1) the fourth year of an amazing project supporting the development of over 30 Aboriginal leaders in Australia; and (2) supporting the growth of a leadership development team for a major US company. Our focus is using Narrative Coaching and Integrative Development to fundamentally transform how we approach learning and development. Our future depends on it.

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