We work with clients who recognize that these times call for both compassion and courage.

Many of the stories about how things are “supposed to be” have come crashing down around us. At The Moment Institute, we take solace in the ancient wisdom we carry and the deep thinking we have done to prepare ourselves and the thousands of practitioners we have developed. 

In addition to leading the Institute and serving our Community as its core facilitator and teacher, David also works with a select group of individual and organizational clients. It is a unique opportunity to work directly with the founder of narrative coaching and integrative development. 

David is particularly passionate about clients who are seeking to re-invent how they serve people and communities. He loves working with them because they value both enlightenment and pragmatism, and they are willing to cross their own thresholds to create a better future.

Perhaps you are one of these people . . .

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Coaching with David

We help individuals and teams identify and cross thresholds to free more of their potential.

David specializes in working with clients who are seeking to break through to the next phase of their life and/or work. They are mature enough to lean into their Shadow, wrestle with their Truth, and Free themselves of anything that no longer serves them.

You will be invited into serious play to have new experiences not collect more explanations, and create new experiments now not set goals for later. All of David's deep and diverse background is available to you, moment by moment, as you move through your session.

Being coached by David is a unique and powerful experience that clients never forget. It is as if their Narrative DNA has profoundly and permanently shifted. They leave feeling more whole and more free to be and do what is calling them now.

There is a fixed fee for each four-hour block of work with David. You decide how many blocks you would like and how you want to divide up and use your time. 

If you are serious about your healing, wholeness and growth, let’s talk.

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Consulting with David

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We help organizations take a more integrative approach to learning, development and change.

Wouldn’t it be great to partner with a practitioner who has integrated OD, training and coaching into a single practice? Dr. David Drake founded Integrative Development because it (1) saved clients money and time; (2) offered a more relevant experience; and (3) yielded better, sustained results.

David helps internal change and people leaders develop more integrative approaches to their programs and projects. More stories, less stuff. Now more than ever, we need to attend to essential human needs and re-imagine how we live and lead. More real conversations, less fake work.

We are in a brave new world now. David brings 30 years of experience as a global expert in change and coaching and a powerful yet simpler approach to developing people and organizations that was made for this time. He is helping his clients navigate the Unknown and adapt to what is needed next.

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David facilitated a leadership development program for 150 leaders at the top of a state government—with no curriculum. A refreshing and enlightening experience that was just what they needed.

David taught a 10-month online coaching program that served over 1,000 coaches. The culmination of 20 years as an online instructor and the founder narrative coaching.

David worked with a provider of disability services for children to embed coaching in how work was done and transform their culture and service delivery system using integrative development. Led to shifts in State policy because of the amazing results they achieved.

David facilitated a leadership program for a bank in which leaders deepened their ability to communicate through working with each other on their actual slide decks. A Group CFOs said in the end, “If we could talk like this more often, it would utterly transform our bank.”

David worked with a Big Four consulting firm for three years to embed coaching as a mindset and a practice in every development program and dozens of client-facing processes.


David partnered closely with PwC for three years, contributing his extraordinary coaching skills and expertise to assist us in crafting and driving a significant cultural change journey for the Firm with coaching at its foundation. His wise counsel, combined with a genuine interest in people, deep experience with OD and commercial acumen, make him a trusted business advisor to us.  
– Chief Learning Officer, PwC Australia

David partnered with CBA Group throughout the launch of our new Vision and Values. He delivered powerful and compelling sessions to our most senior 400 leaders. David worked collaboratively with us to design content that focussed on connecting with employees through authentic storytelling. David’s work has proven to be a success with impactful embedding across our organisation.
– Executive Manager for Talent, Commonwealth Bank of Australia

David Drake is visionary, looks for and brings out the best in others, and always leaves people and groups better off than when he found them. He is an effective and cogent business partner, he helped me motivate more than 60 trainers and subject matter experts to effectively 'tell their story' to help transform the organization. David Drake’s work is valuable to any organization today. 
– Global Training Manager, Nike

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