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Monthly Events

The Moment LAB

– Dr David Drake

Sometimes we just need to be together . . .


In this time when we feel socially distanced in more ways than one, it is important to stay connected with one another. At these events you can meet with colleagues from around the world to talk about what truly matters instead of the usual professional banter.

Sometimes we don't need a whole program; sometimes we just need to be met with compassion, receive a spark of inspiration or be witnessed in our revelation. Our events are like an oasis where you can replenish yourself each month for the road ahead.


Pivotal Moments

Pivotal Moments is a one-hour complimentary session in which we gather to explore one aspect of our shared humanity and how to live it more fully in these times. It is open to everyone; bring a friend or come with one.

We started these calls when the pandemic began, and we were moved by the powerful sharing from so many who gathered each month. Now more than ever we need safe spaces where we can openly talk about things that matter. 

Dr David Drake, along with occasional guests, will lead these interactive sessions. They are a great way to get to know us and what we stand for as well as connect in a fresh way with colleagues from around the world.

Note: These sessions will not be recorded to honor their sacred nature and the value of lived experience.



Dialogue with David

Dialogue with David is a three-hour focused retreat in which we more deeply explore the topic from the Pivotal Moments session that month. It is open to everyone; being on the PM call is recommended but not required.

Each session is like a series of small campfires (sparked by insights from and dialogue with David) around which we will gather to share our stories and cross our thresholds. Breakout rooms will be utilized so all voices can be heard.

Each session will include simple practices you can take with you to enrich your life and practice right now. We hope you will leave feeling energized and equipped to step more fully into your next pivotal moments.

Note: These sessions will not be recorded to honor their sacred nature and the value of lived experience.




Events Schedule


Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Explore your threshold.

Dialogue with David

In this retreat, we will draw on Regan's session to engage in some simple practices you can use to develop a stronger sense of psychological safety for yourself. It is an opportunity to discover how you can use the pandemic to deepen your sense of safe haven and strengthen your secure base so you can help create what comes next.



Special Events