Driving through the Robin Williams Tunnel to/from the Golden Gate Bridge, I was reminded of his wise words: "Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always."

– Dr. David Drake –

A message from David

I traveled the world and beyond when I was young through the hundreds of books I read. These journeys were aided by a fertile imagination, a strong memory, and a keen awareness of my environment. Little did I know that these attributes and my love of stories would lead me to create Narrative Coaching and dedicate my professional life to the art and science of human transformation.

I have gone on to create Integrative Development, and I am working with a small team to advance our latest work in Narrative Release. Each of these bodies of work helps us to better understand the personal and collective battles people are fighting and to develop new ways of helping them find more peace and wholeness. And, I do my best to be kind. Always.


How I got here . . .

Like all stories, our path through life often only makes sense once we look at it in retrospect. On my early journey: (a) landscaping and organic gardening deepened my connection to natural rhythms and engaging the space I was in; (b) grief work helped me make sense of early losses in my own life; and (c) seminary gave me deeper access to rituals and the importance of sacred spaces.

Further down the road, I left the ordained ministry to chart my own course; (b) founded and ran a consulting/coaching firm focused on change in Portland, Oregon for 15 years; and (c) completed a Ph.D. in Human & Organization Development from Fielding — from which Narrative Coaching was born. My daughter was born then too.

I spent the next 15 years (a) traveling the world to present my research and run Narrative Coaching programs; (b) writing and editing articles and books on coaching (now over 60); (c) doing innovative change and development projects; (d) spending a lot of time in Australia (where much of this work came to life); (d) wrestling with Shadow in myself and others; and (e) creating Integrative Development to transform how we help people grow.

Some highlights: (a) delivering the opening keynote for the first International Coaching Psychology Congress; (b) being chosen as a Thought Leader by the Institute of Coaching at Harvard; (c) giving an extraordinary workshop there (the only time my daughter has seen me work); (d) being the first to sell out a session at my first WBECS Summit (coaching without goals); and (e) working with practitioners around the world, especially at Threshold Retreats.

Where I am now . . .

I changed the name of the business from The Center for Narrative Coaching to The Moment Institute in 2018 to broaden our scope and extend our reach. While I had tuaght my first online class over twenty yeaars, I've moved significantly into that space over the past five years to reach more people yet have less carbon impact.

I am in my fourth year of running a Narrative Coaching-based program for Aboriginal leaders in Australia. An honor. Over 1,000 practitioners come through our events and programs each year. I am beginning to make some shifts in the business to enable me to have more time to write and deepen my practice.

Where I am going . . .

(a) I am working with a stellar team from our Moment Institute community to create a global learning + innovation cooperative. (b) I am developing faculty and hosts who will play an increasingly vital role in our events and programs. (c) I am finishing two books, one on the fundamentals of Integrative Development and one on the principles from our Gateway Program as a philosophy of life.

This is all part of starting to pass the baton to others who will take this work forward in new ways that serve people and the planet. We are all threshold workers now, stepping into the unknowns of a new future and reinventing our practices in the process. We are freeing ourselves to be more fully human so we can help others do the same. Come join us if you would like to travel with other explorers.