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What if we stopped sending changed people back into unchanged environments?


– Dr David Drake 


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– Dr David Drake

Integrative Development

What if there was a way to change them both at the same time?

Integrative Development was created to do just that. This is important right now as the world grapples with fundamental choices about our future and the stakes are higher than ever. How can we enable our organizations, institutions and professions to adapt in time?

To rise to this occasion, we need to think in profoundly new ways about how we develop ourselves and others and how we work as practitioners. Integrative Development is a revolutionary approach to learning and development made for this time. It integrates four strands of development which will transform you, your practice and those you serve.

Integrative Development is based in Dr Drake's analysis of the research on what people need in order to develop and perform; and the success factors from 25 years of his client projects: (1) leadership programs with immediate impact at less cost; (2) participatory change projects that actually worked; (3) breakthroughs for individual and team clients in less time.

Features of the program

The Integrative Development Program is a unique and profound experience through which you will learn how to make the most of the learning and development potential in any moment. You will learn how to use it in your everyday life, in coaching sessions or to design programs. It includes live webinars, practical assignments, personalized learning and nine modules.

We offer each session two times on the same day to accommodate our global community in all time zones. You may elect to join either or both sessions. 

Module 1 — Honoring Your Own Journey Thus Far
Module 2 — Moving Freely and Sensing in the 'Field'
Module 3 — Working in The Threshold Zone in Real Time
Module 4 — Connecting with the Bigger Story to Sustain Change
Module 5 — Creating Crucibles for Threshold Moments
Module 6 — Using Structured Emergence with Clients
Module 7 — Re-imagining Learning & Development
Module 8 — Working with ID in Teams and Groups
Module 9 — Exploring How You Want to Work Now

In The Integrative Development Program, you will deepen and integrate your personal, spiritual, professional and social development — so you can do the same for others. This enables you to leverage the best of who you are, what you know, what you care about, and who you want to serve.

The unique program is designed to match how adults naturally learn, draws on the power of peer learning, and will guide you in adapting your practice for these times. While the content is amazing, it is the conversations with the extraordinary colleagues in this program that often makes the biggest impact. It will enable many of you to finally bring to the world what you have longed to do for some time.


The Integrative Development Program



  • Online mini-retreat and orientation
  • Twenty-two 90-minute live webinars
  • Behind-the-scenes interviews with David
  • Drop-in serious playgrounds to experiment
  • Private discussion forum
  • Mastermind group
  • Peer support
  • 30+ recordings, resources, templates and tools
  • Assignments and portfolio
  • Thresholds and rituals
  • Closing celebration and graduation
  • Certification and a certificate for 53 hours


JANUARY 26, 2021
Late Enrollment is now open! 

Welcome retreat
 – January 12
Module 1 – January 26, February 9
Module 2 – February 23, March 9
Module 3 – March 23, April 6
Module 4 – April 20, May 4
Module 5 – May 18, June 1
Bonus session – June 15
Module 6
 – June 29, July 13
Module 7 – July 27, August 10
Module 8 – August 24, September 7
Module 9 – September, 21, October 5
Bonus session – October 19
Graduation – November 2

Sessions are 90 minutes, 2x per day (your choice) 

AM SESSION – 10:00 AM Eastern/NY USA
PM SESSION – 6:00 PM Eastern/NY USA

An extraordinary journey that will enable you to integrate the best of who you are and what you know!

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Humanity has never been here before. There are no formulas for addressing the challenges we face. Old mindsets, methods, competencies, solutions in coaching feel insufficient in the face of this new unknown. The Integrative Development Practitioner Program frames the remedy for this. 

David beautifully articulates a framework for stepping naked into the unfolding unknown, just as jazz musicians enter into their improvisation, creating from all the elements at hand to create elegant new forms of melody that have never been played before.

While the elements in the music are familiar, it is undeniably fresh and new and perfectly suited to the moment. The program honors all that I am and know, and supports me to improvise with all of my experience in fresh new ways to address my clients’ new now.

Jeff Staggs, MCC
Orono, Minnesota USA

Ever since I first started my own journey of learning & working with this deeply human, profound and refreshingly non-formulaic approach, it has always been 'beyond coaching'. It offered me a home to integrate my background in Learning & Development and Organizational Development as well as my neurobiology-based perspective on change.

The Integrative Development Practitioner Program is a true gift to deepen my understanding and broaden my range; it’s an invitation for all who are ready to leave labels and boxes behind to free themselves to have more impact for their clients. I feel gratitude, joy and ongoing curiosity to be a part of it all.

Christina Neuhoff, CNTC
Cologne, Germany


On Sept 11, 2001 in my role as an EMS supervisor responding to the Towers, G-d protected me and I lived. My mission shifted to facilitating change and growth.

Dr. David Drake's The Integrative Development Practitioner Program feels like a means to experiencing FLOW — validating decades of experience and intuition in helping and supporting people.

It's like a map for the uncharted territory we explore with clients — drawing from everything we know and feel. I use it to invite my clients to tap into their inner wisdom and give it language. In the program I have learned how to help them connect their past, present and future in new ways.

My clients' new awareness and results have been extraordinary, even with a  single coaching session.

Rabbi Ezra Max, PCC
Brooklyn, NY USA