The world is changing faster than our organizations, our institutions and our professions. The stakes are higher than ever. To rise to this occasion, we need to think in new ways about how we develop ourselves and work with others. This is why we are launching our new flagship program! It is open to all BCE graduates and contains five Intensive modules and five Certification modules.

Join us for this groundbreaking new program

Dr David Drake built on his roots in Narrative Coaching in creating Integrative Development. It enables practitioners to go deeper into the core philosophy, pedagogy and practices to design programs, projects and portfolio practices in profoundly new ways. It provides a framework they can use to develop themselves to be and work this way in any moment and at any scale.

In the spirit of Paulo Freire, it is an opportunity to explore this work in a learning community. You will work on your integration and design your integrative practice, share with colleagues about your journeys, increase your mastery in working this way, and prepare you to take this work to the world in ways that are meaningful for you and others.

The Integrative Development Practitioner (IDP) Certification Program is the first of its kind in the world. It offers a comprehensive study of this ground-breaking approach to learning, development and change that yields more sustainable and significant outcomes with less time and budget and with more accountability and impact.

So All Can Rise: A Conversation with
Dr David Drake on The IDP Program

The role of eldering in ID, the opportunities for ID Practitioners, the Green New Deal for your practice

The design of the program


The IDP Program is divided into two programs — Immersion and Certification — which are purchased separately. The modules include threshold rituals to mark your passage and:

  • The liberating philosophy that underpins this work
  • The skills you will need to sense the field and improvise
  • The spiritual framework for shifting perspectives
  • The transformative model of learning and development
  • The guide for designing processes, programs and projects
  • The template for a portfolio practice that is fit for these times

In The IDP Immersion Program you will deepen and integrate your personal, spiritual, professional and social development. In The IDP Certification Program you will work on your own project and emerge with the start of an integrative practice that leverages the best of who you are, what you know, what you care about and where you want to make a difference.

You will get strong theoretical foundations, cases studies, deep conversations and practical resources to work in ways that are so necessary for these times. For many of you it will be the crucible in which you finally bring to the world what you have longed to do for some time.

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The Integrative Development Practitioner Programs: Immersion and Certification

Includes in total:
  • Getting Started online mini-retreat and orientation

  • Twenty 90-minute live webinars

  • Behind-the-scenes interviews with David

  • Private discussion forum

  • Mastermind group

  • Peer support

  • 30+ resources, templates and tools

  • Assignments and portfolio

  • Thresholds and rituals

  • Closing mini-retreat

  • Certificate of Completion for 56 hours





Start Date
– Tuesday: January 26, 2021


Welcome Mini-retreat – Jan 26 
Module One – Feb 2, Feb 16
Module Two – March 2, March 16
Module Three – March 30, April 13
Module Four – April 27, May 11
Module Five – May 25, June 8


Module Six – June 22, July 6
Module Seven – July 20, August 3
Module Eight – August 17, 31
Module Nine – September 14, 28
Module Ten – October 12, 26
Graduation mini-retreat – November 16

All sessions are 90 minutes, on Tuesdays, and held 2x per day

AM SESSION – 10:00 AM Eastern/NY USA
PM SESSION – 6:00 PM Eastern/NY USA

: $1997 USD or 5 Payments of $427 (total: $2135)  Certification: $1997 USD or 5 Payments of $427 (total: $2135)

Certification: $1797 USD or 5 Payments of $397 USD (total: $1985)

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