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The Creators Lab

Communities need leaders like a garden needs the soil, the sun and the rain.


– Dr David Drake 

The Moment LAB

– Dr David Drake

The Purpose

The Creators Lab is available for graduates of any of our three core programs — Narrative Coaching, Narrative Release or Integrative Development. It is an opportunity to work with David and peers to create a project, program, product or process that brings this body of work to the world and serves our shared mission. It is offered on a subscription basis, which means that you can can participate in the program to fit your needs.

You can apply for the Lab using the form below.

Who comes to The Lab

The Creators Lab is for graduates who are ready to put their vision into action. It offers them the scaffolding they need to create, test and launch their offer. The Lab is one way the Institute is actively supporting its community to adapt their practices for these times. It offers three options in terms of the licensing arrangements to meet the needs of participants.

What happens in The Lab

Every month, active members will receive: (a) two live webinars with David (and occasional guests) which blend relevant information and small peer groups; (b) a private online forum and resource center; and (c) mentoring with David to support your success. The Lab is a unique opportunity to work in a supportive space to bring your vision for this work to life.


Why The Lab matters

Our programs enable you to develop yourself, grow your practice and make a difference at the same time! They are designed using Integrative Development principles so you can apply what you are learning and learn from what you are applying. The Creators Lab is a ground-breaking space where you can put what you learned into immediate use — for your benefit and others.

The Moment Cooperative

Graduates of The Creators Lab will have the opportunity to join with each other in a Cooperative to support their individual and collective success. This is in keeping with the community-centric and generative business models at the heart of our vision.

We have moved away from traditional models in which the business is the hub of a wheel around which everything revolves. Instead, the Institute offers and co-creates resources for a global collaborative learning community through which members can offer and evolve this work in the world. The artisans in the cooperative will help lead the way so we can evolve fast enough to meet the challenges we face.

"The future will be shaped by nimble pods of highly committed people in deep relationship."