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The Community Membership

Each moment invites us to live as if the future we want to create is already here.


– Dr David Drake 

We are the Moment Institute

– Dr David Drake


Community! Community! Community! You told us . . . and we listened.

As practitioners we need to be agile and awake in order to flourish as we move through times if we are to help our clients to do the same.

You asked for freedom to customize your learning; deeper connections and conversations; and opportunities for integration and practice.


The Community Membership

We are a global learning community from over 40 countries. We champion each other's creativity and success. Who is welcome here? You are.

Whether you've been to a Threshold Retreat, heard David speak, attended a Narrative Coaching program or was referred here by a friend — you are invited to become a Community Member to stay connected. There is no Moment Institute program prerequisite to joining the Community Membership.

All are welcome!

Becoming a Community Member gives you access to the following:

  • A monthly interactive 90-minute group call on relevant topics that matter to the Community and opportunities to talk in small groups!
  • A private resource center with articles and materials from David that is regularly updated with examples of our latest work.
  • community-wide forum to engage with other practitioners on the issues we face and the material we teach.
  • Opportunities to connect with other community members for networking, ideas, best practices.

To celebrate our inaugural year of The Community Membership, the fee is only $97 USD per month! Sign up on our Wait List and receive $50 off of your first month! Don't miss this great opportunity to sustain your growth.

The Community Membership will open for enrollment on February 15, 2021! 

Our first call together will be within one week of "opening day!" Calls will be recorded and posted in your resource center so you can listen later in you so desire.

Sign up to our Wait List and receive $50 off the first month! 



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It will help you and your clients be able to come back to center when you need to in these challenging times. When you sign up you also get access to our live monthly interviews, Pivotal Moments, which start in January and feature conversations with fellow pioneers.

We are the home for the work of Dr David Drake, founder of Narrative Coaching and Integrative Development.

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