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Narrative Coaching

This time calls for us to honor indigenous wisdom about the earth if we want the human story to continue. 

– Dr David Drake 

Narrative Coaching

– Dr David Drake

The Future of  Narrative Coaching

David has been developing, teaching and providing narrative coaching for over 20 years. He has written over sixty publications and presented to tens of thousands of coaches all over the world in support of this work. It is what he is most known for and still takes great pride in.

The world has changed. Our clients' needs have changed.  Coaching is no longer enough. That is why we set sail in 2019 to begin exploring what was beyond coaching. While narrative coaching was always on the leading edge of our field, we needed to think more boldly if we wanted to stay relevant in the marketplace and meaningful on the planet.

So, we decided in 2020 to stop teaching narrative coaching as we had done for some time. 

This opened up space to re-imagine professional development from the ground up. This led us to create a new path for Narrative Coaching that is more in keeping with these times and our vision.

Starting in January, Narrative Coaching will become a global community of practice as part of a Professional Membership. It will serve as a meeting ground for all those who are drawn to this work and want to continue to grow their skills and results. As a CoP, it will host courses and resources for learning Narrative Coaching (including Certification) and support the ongoing evolution of current NC practitioners and the work itself. 

You can find out more on our Programs page, including how to sign up for The Beyond Coaching Experience as the doorway into our entire ecosystem. It introduces practitioners to Integrative Development, the revolutionary approach to learning and development that underpins Narrative Coaching and so much more. It will open a whole new world for you in terms of what is possible in your work.


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