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We can only, travel as far as our stories will take us. Where would you like to go?


– Dr David Drake 


– Dr David Drake

What is Narrative Coaching?

Narrative coaching is a mindful and experiential approach that helps people make real change in real time using their own stories. It draws on Dr Drake's doctoral research and has been taught to over 20,000 coaches and clients around the world. 

In narrative coaching, we come alongside our clients and the change process they are in to help them discover what they need to do next. We work deeply in the moment with radical presence because our clients need new experiences not more explanations. As a result, your clients can accomplish more in their sessions and are better prepared to act when they leave.

Features of the program

The Narrative Coaching Program, led by founder Dr David Drake is a unique and profound experience through which you will transform yourself and your practice. Upon successful completion of the program, you will be Certified as a Narrative Coach. The program includes live webinars, powerful assignments, personalized learning, mastermind groups and nine modules:

Module 1 — Opening yourself to coaching as a deeply human process
Module 2 — Using the Narrative Coaching model and process
Module 3 — Developing mindful coaching relationships
Module 4 — Holding space for clients and change in the field
Module 5 — Working with people's stories in transformative ways
Module 6 — Listening and inquiring with compassion and candor
Module 7 — Creating structures for success with clients
Module 8 — Addressing collective and social narratives in coaching
Module 9 — Integrating this work into your life and practice

We used our own Integrative Development principles to re-design The Narrative Coaching Program. This is reflected in the flow of each module: (1) Learn the essentials; (2) Try them and notice what happens; (3) Meet up to integrate what you learned; and (4) Connect with others to compare notes and anchor your progress.

As a result: You will develop yourself not just your skills. You will be able to put theory into action in a meaningful way from the start. You will experience the work not just learn about the work. You will be able to work with more ease and grace. Your clients will be more able to address the challenges in these times as we all search for new narratives.


The Narrative Coaching Program


  • Online mini-retreat and orientation
  • Twenty-two 90-minute live webinars
  • Behind-the-scenes interviews with David
  • Drop-in serious playgrounds to experiment
  • Private discussion forum
  • Mastermind groups
  • Peer support
  • 30+ resources, templates and tools
  • Assignments and portfolio
  • Thresholds and rituals
  • Closing celebration and graduation
  • Certification and a certificate for 53 hours



Enrollment is now open! 

Welcome retreat
 – January 13
Module 1 – January 27, February 10
Module 2 – February 24, March 10
Module 3 – March 24, April 7
Module 4 – April 21, May 5
Module 5 – May 19, June 2
Bonus session – June 16
Module 6
 – June 30, July 14
Module 7 – July 28, August 11
Module 8 – August 25, September 8
Module 9 – September 22, October 6
Bonus session – October 20
Graduation – November 3

Sessions are 90 minutes, 2x per day on Wednesdays 

AM SESSION – 10:00 AM Eastern/NY USA
PM SESSION – 6:00 PM Eastern/NY USA

An extraordinary journey that will enable you to unlock so much more potential for you and your clients!

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Humanity has never been here before. There are no formulas for addressing the challenges we face. Old mindsets, methods, competencies, solutions in coaching feel insufficient in the face of this new unknown. The Beyond Coaching Experience frames the remedy for this. 

David beautifully articulates a framework for stepping naked into the unfolding unknown, just as jazz musicians enter into their improvisation, creating from all the elements at hand to create elegant new forms of melody that have never been played before. While the elements in the music are familiar, it is undeniably fresh and new and perfectly suited to the moment. I appreciate that the BCE experience honors all that I am and know, and supports me to improvise with all of my experience in fresh new ways to address my clients’ new now.

Jeff Staggs, MCC
Orono, Minnesota USA

Ever since I first started my own journey of learning & working with this deeply human, profound and refreshingly non-formulaic approach, for me, it has always been 'beyond coaching', where I found a home to integrate my Learning & Development and Organizational Development background as well as my neurobiology-based perspective on change.

The Beyond Coaching Experience™ is a true gift to deepen my understanding and broaden my range; it’s an invitation for all who are ready to leave labels and boxes behind to free up more impact for their clients. I feel gratitude, joy and ongoing curiosity to be a part of it all.

Christina Neuhoff, CNTC
Cologne, Germany


On Sept 11, 2001 in my role as an EMS supervisor responding to the Towers, G-d protected me and I lived. My mission shifted to facilitating change and growth.

Dr. David Drake's Beyond Coaching Experience feels like a means to experiencing FLOW — validating decades of experience and intuition in helping and supporting people.

It's like a map for the uncharted territory we explore with clients — drawing from everything we know and feel. I use it to invite my clients to tap into their inner wisdom and give it language. In the BCE program I have learned how to help them connect their past, present and future in new ways.

My clients' new awareness and results have been extraordinary, even with a  single coaching session.

Rabbi Ezra Max, PCC
Brooklyn, NY USA

A place to start . . .

Narrative Coaching, 2nd Edition

by David B. Drake, PhD

The book is the definitive guide to working with people's stories in transformative ways. It is timely in an era when we are grappling to create new narratives that enable us to more fully cope, connect, create and contribute.

The second edition has been revised from start to finish to include all of David's latest work and offer more examples and resources.

“What an astonishing achievement and a potent contribution to the field of human development!” – David Hutchens