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Narrative Release

Starting in April 2023, Narrative Release and The ID Way programs are merging into one experience that is deeper and more powerful.

The new program, called The ID Way Experience, will launch mid-April.

Registration is open! 

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“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” ― C.G. Jung

You can only serve as a guide to places you’ve been yourself

The Narrative Release Space is a retreat-like environment in which you can deepen your resilience and resourcefulness so that you can walk alongside others on their journeys.

You will learn from a series of guided experiences and new resources from David in service of what you need most to hold space for others in these times.

Learn to flow with what’s present

Flow starts with composting what you no longer need to free your energy for what is called for now. This enables you to curate what is most essential so that you can move freely.

Ultimately, it means that you can channel what is called for in the moment to achieve what matters most.

Your ability to be in the flow of what is real and present with clients depends on your level of awareness, acceptance, and agility. In Narrative Release, we will explore questions such as:

  • How can you let go of the desire to control the flow?
  • How can you be fully aware to notice the flow?
  • How can you free yourself to move with the flow?
The practitioners who join us in 2023 recognize that they need to do the deeper work on themselves so they can BE with their clients and the issues they face.

If you…

… Are exploring the unknown to find what is next, not just consuming more of the known

… Are noticing clients seeking maturity and wisdom, not just more tools and techniques

… Are willing to go there yourself first so you can more courageously walk with others

Then Narrative Release may be right for you.

Narrative Release has allowed me to leave behind a world shaped by consultancy and training and enter instead the work of organizational healing and releasing.

As I’ve become more myself during the Narrative Release process, I stand more strongly alongside my clients. I am witnessing them become more of themselves so they can quietly and surely meet the challenges of today’s fast-changing and unpredictable world.

Narrative Release gives my clients the space to connect to themselves and each other in new ways. This work is so important as teams emerge from difficult pandemic years and embrace the opportunity to release themselves from survival mode.

I sense that I’ve found my place to contribute to a collective healing that is only just beginning.

- Carolyn Sargentson


Releasing an old narrative often starts with realizing you’ve been holding your breath. You will learn how to use your breath, literally and figuratively, to feel more secure, more grounded, more resourced, and more capable of releasing from old stories and releasing into new ones.

After taking this journey yourself, you’re more able to bring this experience to others.

Narrative Release will allow you to:

  • Work in new ways with attachment, shadow, grief, and trauma to support wholeness
  • Attune to what is seen and unseen in the field in ways you didn’t know were possible
  • Work with the somatic and breath experience of yourself and your clients
  • Skillfully use the energy that is present rather than just notice it

But you won’t do it alone…

Your personal journey will be taken within a cohort

Narrative Release is NOT a traditional ‘online program.’

It’s a series of guided experiences and practices, a new set of recorded and written resources from David and others, a space for deep dialogue and exploration, and a wonderful community of fellow travelers who will accompany each other on this adventure.

You will learn the essential elements of the spiritual philosophy that underpins all of David’s work and deepen your own foundations in conversations with others. You will live and breathe Narrative Release to make it your own not just study it.

What more could you do through your work if you trusted that everything you needed was right in front of you?

“An important kind of healing occurs through meeting and ‘being met’ rather than through insight and analysis.” - Martin Buber

The Schedule for Narrative Release

Your 9-month Narrative Release journey runs from January through early October. 90-minute live sessions are every other Tuesday at 10:00 am / 6:00 pm ET (-5 UTC).

We work with an adaptive structure

Narrative Release is a highly immersive and practice-focused learning experience and responds to what is emerging for the group in real-time. As such, our journey moves through three, three-month arcs rather than topic-by-topic modules.

Arc 1: Mindset

In the first three months, we will explore the connections between attachment work, grief, and release to deepen the roles you can play in moments. We will explore active acceptance, radical presence, moments of meeting, surrendering control, and more.

Arc 2: Process

In the second three months, we will explore the connections between Shadow work, grief, and release to deepen your capacity to work in the ’field’. We will explore archetypes and energies, moving beyond labels, engaged non-attachment, indigenous wisdom, and more.

Arc 3: Practices

In the final three months, we will explore the connections between sacraments, grief, and release to expand what you can do in the moment with clients. We will explore narrative grips, navigating the unknown, working at thresholds, third spaces, and more.

Your Narrative Release journey includes:

  • Live Zoom sessions with David and Carolyn to learn the Narrative Release process
  • A pod of 4 peers for shared regular practice
  • Assignments to support your reflection and growth
  • Assignments to encourage your experimentation
  • Library of resources with the core content
  • Alumni network for extended support and inspiration

Is Narrative Release right for me?

Narrative Release is right for you if you
  • Feel called to engage deeply with yourself and your stories
  • Are willing to challenge your current narratives to create space for new ones
  • Want to deepen your capacity to sense yourself, others, and the field
  • See value in shifting your mindset from being in charge to activating the inner healer in others
  • Recognize that the quality and depth of the work you do with others starts with yourself
  • Eager to be a part of a supportive community of like-minded practitioners
And you…
  • Have 3-4 hours per week to dedicate to the live sessions and your mastermind group
  • Can afford $333 per month toward developing your coaching practice
Narrative Release is not right for you if you…
  • Are not motivated to explore how your narratives impact your life
  • Prefer receiving content in a lecture format rather than guiding your own learning journey
  • Rely on external prompts rather than trusting your own inner knowing
  • Are comfortable with working in a formulaic manner and keeping the personal separate
  • Tend to focus on external competencies and avoid addressing your own issues
  • Content with going your own way rather than working with peers on real issues
Or you…
  • Don’t have any time in the week to dedicate to your development
  • Aren’t in a place where you can invest $333 per month to deepen your practice


What kind of experience do I need to join the Narrative Release Program?

The better question to consider might be… How open am I to being challenged? We find that the most successful practitioners are those who are willing to be deeply reflective and experiment with new ways of being.

Additionally, this program is unique in that it focuses more on increasing our maturity and self-awareness as practitioners. It is designed for practitioners who recognize the value in developing themselves personally not just professionally as well as the importance of integration not just consumption.

If you have graduated from The ID Way Program and/or the Narrative Coach Program — and feel called to deepen yourself to enrich your life and practice — then now may be the perfect moment for you to join.

What if I commit and then find out I’m not a good fit?

We offer a 100% money-back guarantee. If at any point during the first module of the course (from January 16 through February 10th) you decide that Narrative Release isn’t right for you, you can get your money back.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, we do. If you would prefer to not pay in full, you’re welcome to pay $333 per month for 9 months.

How is this different from The ID Way Program or The Narrative Coach Program?

Narrative Release is the spiritual philosophy that underpins everything we do here at The Moment Institute. It is focused less on teaching content and more on creating experiences as compared to either The Narrative Coach or The ID Way Programs. If you’re a graduate of either program, Narrative Release is an excellent way to go deeper with your embodiment and expression of the work. This program provides dedicated space for you to engage your own narrative releasing so that you can do the same for your clients.

Join us to take some time for yourself

Narrative Release will take you deeper into The Moment Institute’s work. Our sessions are a space for you to slow down to notice more, find clarity amid the fog, and open up a deeper way to work with clients. It’s your opportunity to go beyond knowing the work to experience and embody the work so that you can access a deeper and stronger place from which to walk alongside others.

All of this is in service of nurturing your wholeness and your ability to work deeply with others.

“Let go with each inhalation, softening the belly. But go with each exhalation, making peace. . . . Each exhalation lets out the pain. Make room for our life in soft belly.” - Stephen Levine