Park Benches

Monthly Live Sessions

A quiet space to just be

These complimentary 90-minute sessions are our gift to you and a place where you can just BE. They are hosted by two members of our community, and they offer you a peaceful time out. No slides, no agenda, no steps to take. Just the ebb and flow of silence and sharing from the heart in support of your rest and renewal. The theme for each conversation will emerge from those who are gathered. Come have a seat . . .

10:00 am (ET) Host
Claudia Lopez
6:00 pm (ET) Host
Bronwen Eberhard

Upcoming Dates - Park Benches

As of June 2022, Park Benches was incorporated into the community events held in The Threshold Lab. The dates and details of upcoming sessions will be shared here once solidified.

I am more calm and composed now, more conscious and deliberate as I move through my day, and more at peace and grounded.

– Emma N. –


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