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A safe space for reflecting on your choices

These complimentary two-hour sessions are a great place to connect with old friends or bring a friend who would value this work. If you are new to us, it is a great way to experience it for yourself.

These immersive experiences are based on our philosophy of enlightened pragmatism. Each one features a rich dialogue and a simple practice you can take with you to help you live your fullest life.  

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Honoring our Roots

February 21, 2022
10:00 am / 6:00 pm ET (US) 

Join us for a special conversation with Pam McLean, co-founder of the Hudson Institute of Coaching. Coaching needs to significantly evolve to keep up with the needs of our time. I will invite Pam to talk about her journey as a pioneer in the coaching space and what we can learn from its roots that would help us now. The second hour will be a time for reflection and small groups on how you are pivoting your coaching.


Scaffolding your Growth

March 21, 2022
10:00 am / 6:00 pm ET (US) 

Come discover the four types of scaffolding and how to use each one to support your growth. We will flip the usual paradigm of setting goals and then finding the scaffolding we need to march toward their completion. Instead, you will experience the freedom and power in noticing what scaffolding is already present and discovering what it is there for you to learn. A much more enlightened and pragmatic approach, especially in these uncertain times . . .


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Live sessions are two hours on Mondays at 10:00 am / 6:00 pm ET (US)

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A month later and the work we did together still resonates on a daily basis, both personally and professionally.

– Robert T. –


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