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The Moment LAB

Communities need leaders like a garden needs the soil, the sun and the rain.


– Dr David Drake 

The Moment LAB

– Dr David Drake


The Purpose

The Moment Lab is the third in our series of three core workshops built around Integrative Development. It is open to practitioners who have completed the BCE and have been Certified as an Integrative Development Practitioner.

There are three tracks to choose from depending on your interests and qualifications: The Creators Lab, The Facilitators Lab, and The Hosts Lab. Graduates of these Labs will be able to use what they have learned and developed to bring this work to the world and/or to our global collaborative learning community. Participation in a Lab is by application only.

You can register your interest in a Lab using the form below.
Responses are due October 31.


The Moment Cooperative

Graduates of The Moment LAB will have the opportunity to join a Cooperative through which they can support their individual and collective success. This is in keeping with the community-centric and generative business models that are the heart of our enterprise.

At the core is a shift from traditional models in which the business is the hub of a wheel around which everything revolves. Instead, the Institute provides a North Star and co-creates the resources the global collaborative learning community needs to adapt and sustain their work in the world. They are a collective of artisans through which we all will evolve faster.

"The future will be shaped by nimble pods of highly committed people in deep relationship."

Creators Lab

This Lab is for IDP graduates who want to use this work to create a project, program, product or process that brings IDP to the world and serves our collective mission. The fee is $3997 USD; it is five months long; and cohorts start in January and July. It includes ten modules, five mastermind sessions, one-on-one time with David, and more. 

Facilitators Lab

This Lab is for IDP graduates who want to serve on the faculty for a core program or in a community of practice in the Professional Membership starting in 2021. The fee is $3497; it is ten months long; and the initial cohort starts in January. It includes twenty development sessions, one-on-one time with David, design/delivery practice, and more. 


Hosts Lab

This Lab serves as an orientation and preparation to serve as a host for one of our monthly calls. There is a one-year commitment, but no cost. Hosts will receive suitable compensation for their time. This is a great opportunity for IDP graduates to get involved.