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The Threshold Lab

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The Threshold Lab is a place to:

  • Deep dive into the core concepts and techniques of threshold work
  • Practice skills learned in our programs and at our retreats
  • Experiment with new approaches at work
  • Launch a real life project with a client or company
  • Collaborate with other practitioners to create programs
  • Document case stories to highlight the impact of threshold work
A decade in the making...

The Threshold Lab is an online community we launched to support your ongoing development and practice in these challenging times. It is a fluid space designed to meet you where you are in your day, your development, and your vision for service.

Many of you have expressed a deep appreciation for the connections you made with others in our community and a desire for more continuity and confidence as you apply this work in your personal and professional lives.

The Threshold Lab is designed to be a thoughtful extension of our programs and retreats that offers both structure and accountability as you explore questions regarding what now and what next?

Dr. David Drake

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The Threshold Lab operates on monthly subscription model. You are invited to participate in this pilot program at an introductory rate of only $97 per month.

Your Lab membership includes:
  • 14-day FREE trial
  • Weekly 90-min live sessions (AM/PM)
  • Learning community facilitated in Circle
  • Asynchronous conversation forums
  • Small group (nimble pod) formation support
  • Narrative Coaching and Integrative Development case studies
  • Resource sharing
  • More time with David
Become A Member

A 12-month Lab membership is included in our Narrative Coach® and ID Way® programs!

Participants receive 12-months of access to The Threshold Lab to support the integration of what they are learning in our programs.

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