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Live Sessions Begin June 6, 2022

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Go Deeper... Together!

The Threshold Lab by The Moment Institute is an online community we are launching to support your ongoing development and practice in these challenging times. It will be a fluid space designed to meet you where you are in your day, your development, and your vision for service.

Many of you have expressed a deep appreciation for the connections you made with others in our community and a desire for more continuity and confidence as you apply this work in your personal and professional lives. The Threshold Lab is designed to be a thoughtful extension of our programs and retreats that offers both structure and accountability as you explore questions regarding what now and what next?


The Threshold Lab is a place to:

  • Deep dively into the core concepts and techniques of threshold work
  • Practice skills learned in our programs and at our retreats
  • Experiment with new approaches at work
  • Launch a real life project with a client or company
  • Collaborate with other practitioners to create programs
  • Document case stories to highlight the impact of threshold work

Pilot Program

The Threshold Lab is being launched as a six-month limited engagement to allow us to test the effectiveness of the initial design and to evolve the space going forward based on your feedback. It is a great opportunity for you to re-engage with this work and fellow practitioners on similar journeys.

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How does it work?

Every Monday we will facilitate a structured 90-minute live session that includes topic-based conversation, skill building, and free time to meet in small groups to workshop real-world applications for the work. The content delivery portion of each session will be recorded and an archive made available.

To accommodate our global community, these live sessions will be offered twice on Mondays, once at 10:00am ET and again at 6:00pm ET.

What is the cost?

The Threshold Lab will run on a monthly subscription model. You are invited to participate in this pilot program at an introductory rate of only $97 per month.

Your subscription will give you access to our new digital community on Circle. This platform offers us private space to host live sessions each week and facilitate rich on-going discussions. The Circle platform is robust and will allow us to share videos, slide decks, links, and other resources.


Please reach out to Emily at [email protected].

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