A five-year-old learning to ski is focused on having fun.
A fifty-year-old learning to ski is focused on not falling down.
Who do you think learns faster?

– Dr. David Drake –


These times call for deeper compassion and courage.

Dr David Drake is a visionary and a scholar, an "enlightened pragmatist." He founded Narrative Coaching to expand what was possible and Integrative Development to revolutionize how we approach learning and development and to liberate practitioners to work in the moment.

In addition to leading the Institute, David works with a few individual and organizational clients each year. David only works with people who are re-inventing how they serve people and communities to create a more inclusive and sustainable future.



I help leaders, teams, and practitioners to profoundly shift their approach to learning, development, and change.

We are in a brave new world. We can no longer pretend that problems fit in a box. Wouldn’t it be great to partner with an expert who can help you increase the speed and depth of people's learning & development

Dr. David Drake uses Integrative Development to (1) save clients money and time; (2) create more relevant experiences to address real issues; and (3) yield better, sustained results. More real conversations, less fake work.

David brings 30 years of global experience and a powerful yet simple approach. He is a wise thought partner who can help you navigate the Unknown and chart a new course to create a new future.

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Beyond coaching

We help individuals and teams to free more of their potential.

David works with clients who are mature enough to lean into their Shadow, wrestle with their truth, and release what no longer serves them so they can cross their next threshold.

He works in six-month blocks with clients who are serious about the transformation of themselves and those they serve. David customizes each client's journey so they can fulfill their vision.

Being coached by David is a unique and powerful experience that clients never forget. You will find the healing, wholeness and purpose you have been yearning for as you come home to yourself.

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David designed and facilitated a bespoke leadership program for 150 leaders at the top of a state government. It was focused on real-time conversations and learning, not a pre-set curriculum.

David has been an online instructor for 20 years; he has reached tens of thousands of practitioners through live/virtual programs.

David worked with a provider of disability services for children to embed coaching in how work was done and transform their culture, service delivery, and results.

David has partnered with a state government agency in Australia to design and deliver a narrative coaching-based leadership program for Aboriginal leaders for 4 years.

David worked with a global consulting firm for three years to embed coaching as a mindset and a practice in most of their development programs and client-facing processes.

David is working with an innovative regional NGO that is running and scaling projects which engage residents to create more fully sustainable communities at all levels.


David partnered closely with PwC for three years, contributing his extraordinary coaching skills and expertise to assist us in crafting and driving a significant cultural change journey for the Firm with coaching at its foundation. His wise counsel, combined with a genuine interest in people, deep experience with OD and commercial acumen, make him a trusted business advisor to us.  
– Chief Learning Officer, PwC Australia

David partnered with CBA Group throughout the launch of our new Vision and Values. He delivered powerful and compelling sessions to our most senior 400 leaders. David worked collaboratively with us to design content that focussed on connecting with employees through authentic storytelling. David’s work has proven to be a success with impactful embedding across our organisation. 
Talent Executive, Commonwealth Bank of Australia

David Drake is visionary, looks for and brings out the best in others, and always leaves people better off than when he found them. He is a smart and cogent business partner. He helped me motivate 60 trainers and subject matter experts to effectively tell their story in service of resolving a global IT issue. David's work is valuable to any organization today. 
– Global Training Manager, Nike

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