Immersion Sessions

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Immersion Sessions

Here at The Moment Institute, we hold some beliefs that run counter to those in many traditional learning and development approaches. For example, we believe — and have seen again and again — that you can achieve remarkable outcomes for clients with minimal use of agendas or goals. We also believe that one of the fastest ways to improve your practice is to deepen your ability to sense what is happening in and around you in each moment.

We know that our approach may seem different from what some of you are used to. For others of you it may be the breath of fresh air you’ve been waiting for.

To help you better understand the art and science behind our approach, Dr. David Drake is hosting a series free 90-minute immersion sessions.

In the first half of the 90-minute session, David will introduce you to this way of working and how it can enrich your practice. 

  • Experience the shift from control to emergent structure in how you work
  • Learn one strategy for improving your self-regulation to work this way
  • Explore what you can release to free yourself to work with more ease

In the second half of the session, David will talk about our three programs for 2023 and answer all of your questions about which one would best fit your development needs.