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Welcome to the new home for the pioneering work of Dr. David Drake,
the founder of narrative coaching.


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Global Online Program:
The Beyond Coaching™ Experience

Being present to WHAT IS and daring to imagine WHAT IF


We are calling all coaches, psychologists, HR/OD professionals, and change advocates who have outgrown their professions and recognize what the world needs now. 

The Beyond CoachingExperience: An 8-Session Online Program that introduces practitioners like you to a more integrative way of working. It is timely given the current conditions and the fact that the needs of our clients and our world are changing faster than our professions and our practices.

This immersive introduction brings together enlightenment and pragmatism to help you to re-imagine your work. Dr. David Drake will lead you through this ground-breaking program over 8 weekly sessions as well as provide you with resources you can use right now.

In this innovative new program, you will be introduced to the Integrative Development framework that underpins narrative coaching and provides the platform for a new form of professional practice. Imagine having real human conversations instead of chasing idealized states . . . Using design thinking to reduce burnout . . . Connecting your personal growth with social issues . . .

This framework was developed through an analysis of the success factors in behavior change. David also reviewed our most successful projects over the past 25 years: (1) leadership programs with immediate impact and less cost; (2) participatory culture change projects that actually worked; and (3) breakthroughs for hundreds of individual and team clients. This program will give you a solid introduction to how to work this way with your clients.

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The Beyond Coaching™ Experience: AN ONLINE 8-SESSION PROGRAM
with Dr. David Drake will be delivered by live webinar 2x per day to reach all time zones.

This ground-breaking new program will  be offered on three different start dates in 2020:

Wednesdays: March 25 - May 13.

Wednesdays: June 10 - August 19. 

Wednesdays: September 9 - November 18.

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Narrative Coaching

Narrative Coaching, 2nd Edition

by David B. Drake, PhD

The book is the ultimate guide to working with people's stories in transformative ways. It is timely in an era when we are grappling to create new narratives that enable us to more fully cope, connect, create and contribute.

The second edition has been revised from start to finish to include all of Dr. Drake's latest work and offer more examples and resources.

“What an astonishing achievement and a potent contribution to the field of human development!” – David Hutchens



The Next Chapter in Our Story

Dr. Drake's seminal book: Narrative Coaching: The Definitive Guide to Bringing New Stories to Life (2nd Ed), introduced this important work to the world. He has spent the past fifteen years teaching it in over twenty countries and online to thousands of coaches. Get ready for what's coming next.

Here at the new home of Narrative Coaching, we will be expanding it's reach and impact with new programs and products for practitioners. In late 2020 and early 2021 we will launch exciting new programs and resources for (1) practitioners who are new to this evocative and powerful way of working with clients and their stories, and (2) narrative coaching practitioners who want to deepen their mastery.


We will also be launching two new Communities that take the essence of this work even further: (1) The Beyond Coaching™ Experience which gives practitioners a jump start on Integrative Development, our next major body of work, as a new paradigm for your practice; (2) Our new flagship program launching in 2021, which includes our legendary Threshold Retreat and a new Post-Threshold Retreat among other things as well as opportunities to become part of our guild of facilitators.

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