In a world that feels upside-down...

We help practitioners see clearly.


At The Moment Institute, we provide practitioners with safe, enriching spaces to deepen themselves and their practice using the pioneering work of Dr. David Drake, founder of narrative coaching and integrative development.

We are a community of diverse practitioners engaged in the work of radical presence.

Unlike others in the learning and development space, we work with what is emerging in the moment to liberate its potential for learning. We trust that everything we need is right in front of us. We are comfortable with the unknown because we know that is where change and transformation are found.

The Beyond Coaching Experience

Free 90-minute experiences with David (and special guests) every month to explore the frontier of coaching, learning & development, and personal growth.

Our theme for our BCE sessions this year is Readiness.
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What our practitioners say...

The focus on the whole and the systemic is not new, but the way David cuts through the noise to be in the moment, the here and the now, is potentially life transforming for me as a coach and if leveraged in our coaching conversations with clients can be ecstatic for the client and soul satisfying for the coach.

Dr. Rupinder Kaur

Our Community

Our work revolves around the philosophy and practices of Dr. David Drake, and our global learning communities are at the heart of our identity and success as an Institute.

Our practitioners are drawn to this diverse and unique community because of the quality of the people we attract and the transformative experiences we create together.

It is a space for growth that feels for many of our folks like coming home.
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We serve...
  • Coaches
  • Consultants
  • Educators
  • L&D/HR Leaders
  • Psychotherapists
  • Social Workers
  • Trainers & Facilitators

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They need new experiences to learn and grow.

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