In every moment there is a choice

 . . . and the potential for transformation.

We develop practitioners who can meet people there.

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On behalf of the Moment Institute team, I wish you a warm welcome.

Dr David Drake
Founder and CEO


The Narrative Coaching Alumni Program will launch in September 2020. The new Narrative Coaching Program and Narrative Release Program will launch in 2021.

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This four-module online program explores what becomes possible as an Integrative Development Practitioner and why it is so important right now.
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This is the full ten-month flagship program that will transform you and your practice. It starts on January 26, 2021 and is open to all BCE Online graduates.
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Dr David Drake has been a pioneer in the change and coaching space for 30 years. He has a unique gift for being with clients in the Unknown to help them discern what needs to be done. He is the perfect ally and advisor for the unsettled times in which we live and work.

He can help you make the choices that are in front of you—not because he has the answers (who does?)—but because he will help you be present to the questions with compassion and candor. He can stand with you as you cross your thresholds to adapt and contribute to what is emerging.

These times require a true partner who can hold space for you to work on what matters most. There is not time for anything less. The deepening crises in which we find ourselves requires us to re-imagine our place on the planet and our contribution. We are here for you.

Dr David Drake only works with a select group of clients each year. Reach out if you would like to become one of them.
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The Moment Institute is proud to be the home for the pioneering work of Dr David Drake, the founder of Narrative Coaching and Integrative Development, and the hub of our global network of practitioners. We are committed to supporting practitioners (us included) in transforming ourselves, our practices and our world through the stories we tell and live. We were made for this time.

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