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We are the ones we have been waiting for.

We stand with Joanna Macy in observing that we are in a Great Unraveling — and an awakening and opening toward a Great Turning (a more life-sustaining society). Dr Drake has worked with tens of thousands of practitioners and leaders around the world at their thresholds; the Institute is launching new programs to help us make what we call the Great Pivot  toward the new narratives we need.

Practitioners who are drawn to this work are de-cluttering their lives and practices, letting go of endless striving to keep up, engaging more in serious play, and working more simply yet profoundly with clients. They have no time or need for more stuff.

They have outgrown their professional silos, and they seek connections with like-minded souls on a similar mission and safe yet vibrant places for deep conversations. They want to imagine and contribute to what is needed now. They are re-weaving the strands of their Narrative DNA so they can live post-threshold lives. Sound like you? Come join us . . .


Dr. David Drake

David has devoted his life to studying and practicing the art and science of change. He is passionate about helping people across critical thresholds so they can heal and free themselves to be more fully human. He knows from his own journey the price we pay when we don’t seize these moments. The good news is that many of his pioneering insights and skills emerged from these times. 

After leaving his first profession, he spent ten years integrating coaching into large change projects—primarily in transforming how public sector agencies served people. He founded Narrative Coaching in 2002 based on his doctoral work; he has taught it to over 20,000 practitioners around the world. He founded Integrative Development in 2012 as a revolutionary framework for learning and development.

David has worked on coaching, change and leadership initiatives for over 70 organizations. Two of his most interesting projects: He co-developed and co-facilitated the InterCultural Coaching Institute, a three-year pilot program in Portland, Oregon (USA); and he is delivering a first-of-its-kind coaching-based program for Aboriginal leaders in Australia.

David has presented his work to 25 universities and professional associations around the world, including the opening keynote for the first International Coaching Psychology Congress in London. He serves as a Thought Leader for the Institute of Coaching at Harvard. He has written over 60 publications on coaching, and he started Moment Institute to develop the next generation.

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The Community


The future will be shaped by nimble pods of highly committed people in deep relationship. — Mikela & Philip Tarlow

Moment Institute was launched in 2018 to incorporate Dr Drake’s work on Integrative Development along with his work on Narrative Coaching. The Institute continues to host the NC community as it launches programs to develop integrative practitioners and practices.

The Institute serves as the hub of a global network and is committed to the pursuit of mastery and the creative use of this work to address the issues we face.  We will preserve and extend David’s legacy through developing facilitators and thought partners to take this work forward. This will free up David to finish his next two books and offer new healing and transformative practices.


Everything we need is right in front of us.

One of the hallmarks of both Narrative Coaching and Integrative Development are their deep academic and research foundations. These strengthen the crucible for change and the confidence of practitioners so transformative work can be done. Our simple yet powerful tools are possible because of the hard work that has gone into distilling the change process to its essence.

Our approach is based in Dr Drake’s classic MAKE formula: Mastery = Artistry + Knowledge + Experience (and Evidence). This is at the heart of his pioneering transdisciplinary approach, and it reflects our commitment to democratize this work so that it can be used in any moment.

Dr Drake brought attachment theory, rites of passage, the ‘field’, serious play and more into the coaching space. He has introduced his next body of work, integrative development, as a framework to re-imagine and re-design how we approach learning and development everywhere.

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The Community


We create, teach and use new narrative methods that support and integrate personal, spiritual, professional and social transformation.

We travel lightly so we can pivot in any moment and help others to do the same.

We are dedicated to radical presence, the potential in this moment, and the transformative power of thresholds.

We are PROactive (pause, relax and open) so we can live and engage with compassion and candor.

We develop practitioners so they can live post-threshold lives and contribute to a more sustainable, post-threshold world.


A renaissance is a rebirth of old ideas in a new context.
Doug Rushkoff

To see Integrative Development become a recognized discipline which enables people to transform themselves and what matters

To create a new genre of professional practice, the Integrative Development Practitioner, and support it through our programs and more

To form a global cooperative of NC and ID practitioners who are aligned with our mission and individually and collectively contribute to its fulfillment

To launch a movement with kindred spirits (enlightened pragmatists) who will use their talents to bring this work to the world in new ways

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