The Narrative Coach Program

New cohort starts January 18, 2023
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To become a more skillful coach...

You don’t need more information, tools, or formulas.

Instead, you need to deepen your capacity to serve as a resilient witness, resourceful guide, and narrative advocate for your clients.

Say no more, I’m ready!

In Narrative Coach, I found something very different. Something more in tune with where the world actually is right now.

Sharon Ryan

Narrative Coaching is an embodied practice.

If you’ve ever celebrated a client’s growth only to discover later that they couldn’t continue the changes they started in the session, you’re not alone.

Traditional coaching methods tend to work with clients only at the surface level. They’re often too mechanical, too driven by the coach, and leave little room for deeper human connection and change.

Narrative Coaching is a way to work with clients as whole beings — incorporating body, mind, heart, and soul — as you invite them to reflect on and reimagine their own stories.

It offers resources to help clients recognize their current stories with compassion and candor as well as step into new stories that serve them with consciousness and courage.

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David’s work addresses the depth of our humanity. It goes beyond being transactional or simply working toward a goal. It endeavors to get to the core of who we are as human beings and what it means to have a human life.

Maureen Owen, MODT PCC, Transformational Leadership Coach and Facilitator at Owen Consulting Services

We start with your own development.

The Narrative Coach Program is often a healing experience in which participants develop a deeper level of self-awareness and a new mindset for their work with clients. Participants consistently report a deep appreciation for who they become as a result of being in the program.

Narrative Coach does this by helping you…
  • Notice the inner narratives that inform your role as a coach
  • Reflect on the deeper meaning and impact of these narratives
  • Identify openings to adapt these narratives to support your growth

The Narrative Coach Program supports this internal work so that you can show up more fully and authentically with your clients.

We coach humans, not problems.

The Narrative Coach Program helps you let go of the need to fix client problems so you can be radically present to their lived experiences in each moment. You will learn how to actually and truly be client-centered.

As a result, you’ll be able to walk alongside your clients as they move through their own natural process of change and secure the scaffolding they need for their next step.

Narrative Coaches support their clients to achieve outcomes that are more:
  • Achievable because you focus on what they are ready for now.
  • Meaningful because you attend to what is relevant for them.
  • Sustainable because you ensure they have the resources they need.
  • Scalable because you address recurring patterns, not symptoms.
I’m ready to become a Narrative Coach

I had no idea how immersive and transformative this experience would be.

What I’d been taught about how to coach did not sit well with me — it was all too rational and left-brained — and I wasn’t enjoying coaching which was holding me back from growing my business.

Narrative Coach has provided an entirely new way of being with and inquiring into other people and their stories. It has made me a less anxious, more effective coach.

The course design still amazes me. It’s not at all a traditional course or learning environment — it is experiential, immersive, and relational; and learning happens in a quite effortless way. I found it really quite magical.

Rachel Lawlan, Transformational Coach at The Mercury Works

When you join The Narrative Coach Program, you get access to…

A transformative personal and professional development journey

Rather than teach you information about coaching, The Narrative Coach Program will show you how to BECOME a coach. By the end of the program, you’ll be able to show up to clients as whole beings in profoundly new ways.

An inclusive community in which to explore how to coach with integrity

Sessions are designed to foster both a lightness and a depth that allows meaningful connections to form quickly. These relationships create a safe place for the full range of human experience, to experiment with new ways to be with clients, and get support from kindred spirits.

Live sessions with David and The Moment Institute faculty

Dr. David Drake — the founder of The Narrative Coach Program — designed every module, hosts the first session of each module, produced dozens of videos and resources to support your learning, and engages regularly with participants in the program forum.

He has hand-picked and trained the MI faculty who will work with you as you move through the program. Together, they will adapt the program in real time based on what participants need and the world is calling for. You will also have access to a mastermind group, a practice space, and assignments to do on your own and with a peer triad.

One-year Membership to The Threshold Lab

The Threshold Lab is a collaborative online community where you can connect with other participants and Narrative Coaching graduates who use this work in their practice.

What we won’t burden you with is more stuff.

Instead, we will help you lighten your proverbial ‘coaching toolbox’ so you can be more present to what is right in front of you and clear about what really matters for your work. What bits of previous training do you want to take forward? And what bits can you leave behind?

In Narrative Coach, you will experience what becomes possible when you travel more lightly and integrate narrative coaching into an approach that fits you and what you care about.

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I’m in. I say “Yes” in the marrow of my bones.

What was missing for me in coaching was a recognition of our organic, poetic, intuitive, somatic connection to our lives. It always felt like I was leaving half of myself at the coaching door.

David, in his Narrative Coaching work, has lassoed that interactive intelligence of story, sense, and nature. It’s an approach that supports and incorporates our human experience.

I feel a bone-deep resonance with Narrative Coaching that challenges me to raise the bar and break through timidity to engage long-yearned-for shifts in my coaching.

Indigo Jones, Life Coach at Indigo See Life Coaching

The Schedule for The Narrative Coach Program

The 9-month Narrative Coach journey runs from January through early October.

Live sessions are on Wednesdays at 10:00am / 6:00pm ET (-5 UTC)

Phase 1: Narrative Coach Mindset
  • Module 1: Opening yourself to radical presence
  • Module 2: Forming mindful coaching relationships
  • Module 3: Using the Narrative Coaching process
Phase 2: Narrative Coach Process
  • Module 4: Holding space for clients and change
  • Module 5: Helping clients learn and grow
  • Module 6: Working with stories in real time
Phase 3: Narrative Coach Practices
  • Module 7: Listening to clients and their stories
  • Module 8: Going deeper with clients through inquiry
  • Module 9: Creating structures for success
Your learning journey includes:
  • Virtual sessions with David to develop yourself
  • Virtual sessions with faculty to explore content
  • Implementation sessions with cohort/alumni
  • Extensive video/audio recordings by David
  • Bonus session to answer your questions
  • Peer practice triad
  • Mastermind group
  • Reflection activities
  • Application exercises
  • Alumni network
  • Resource library
  • Certificate of completion
Plus full access to The Threshold Lab for an entire year!

Each module contains 4 sessions:

Week 1: Initiation

Entering the work

Discover core elements and observe what they look like in practice

Week 2: Immersion

Engaging the work

Practice key skills and receive feedback from faculty

Week 3: Implementation

Doing the work

Experience working with the material in a peer triad and mastermind group

Week 4: Integration

Becoming the work

Share key insights and shifts made over the course of the module

Start your journey today!

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Our Guarantee:

We stand behind The Narrative Coach Program and are confident that when you show up, you’ll discover a deeply transformative personal and professional development experience.

However, if for any reason you discover that it’s not the right fit for you, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee through the end of Module 1 (until February 10th, 2023).

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Is The Narrative Coach Program right for me?

Narrative Coach is right for you if you’re…
  • Naturally curious and self-reflective
  • Feeling limited by traditional approaches to coaching
  • Ready to create a more responsive coaching experience based in the present moment
  • Seeking to coach in more authentic, human, meaningful, and sustainable ways
  • Eager to be a part of an amazing, supportive community of like-minded practitioners
And you…
  • Have 3-4 hours per week to dedicate to the live sessions and your mastermind group
  • Can afford $397 per month to deepen your coaching practice
Narrative Coach sounds right for me!
Narrative Coach is not right for you if you’re…
  • Not interested in working on yourself
  • Committed to maintaining a traditional approach to coaching
  • Attached to setting agendas and goals as well as needing to feel in control in coaching
  • Comfortable with coaching in a formulaic manner and keeping the personal separate
  • Content going your own way
Or you…
  • Don’t have any time in the week to dedicate to your development
  • Aren’t in a place where you can dedicate $397 per month toward developing your coaching practice


How much experience do I need to join The Narrative Coach Program?

Narrative Coach uses a flexible course structure that models the Narrative Coaching process by frequently responding to what is at the forefront for participants. This means that the program adapts to the pace and needs of the participants in real-time.

The better question to consider might be… How open am I to being challenged? We find that the most successful practitioners are those who are willing to be deeply reflective and experiment with new ways of working.

If you are an experienced coach, you might discover the need to unlearn some of what you were first taught. That’s OK as you likely have already been feeling uneasy about some of the old assumptions about coaching. The good news is that you’ll have stable ground to stand on as you experiment with Narrative Coaching. It will offer you what you sensed was missing before.

If you are newer to coaching, you’ll have less to unlearn as you integrate Narrative Coaching into your practice. The program is experiential, giving you plenty of room and support to find your way. What we find is that the greatest asset for learning this work is your readiness and openness to learn.

What if I commit and then find out I’m not a good fit?

We offer a 100% money-back guarantee. If at any point during the first module of the course (from January 16 through February 10th) you decide that Narrative Coach isn’t right for you, you can get your money back.

However, we invite you to check in with yourself right now. If everything you’ve read so far about the Narrative Coach resonates with you, that’s an excellent sign that this program is for you.

On the other hand, if you’re experiencing objection after objection as you read through the program description, we encourage you to reach out to us with your concerns.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, we do. If you’re unable to pay in full, you’re welcome to pay $397 per month for 9 months.

How is this different from The ID Way Program?

Narrative Coach offers you a deep exploration of how to work with people’s stories to facilitate change in working with individuals and teams. The ID Way Program is based in the same philosophy and uses some of the same models as The Narrative Coach Program, but it is designed to support your work with groups and organizations.

Is The Narrative Coach Program ICF accredited?

It is not. However, participants can use their credit hours from The Narrative Coach Program toward their ICF accreditation requirements. We are currently working on a project that will make this easier — keep an eye out for more information soon!

Do you offer certification? 

Official Narrative Coach certification is coming! We are redesigning our certification process to make it more robust and valuable to you. You will have the opportunity to become a certified Narrative Coach at the end of the 2023 cohort. More details will be released soon.

The Frontier of Coaching

The needs of your clients aren’t being met by the transactional, goal-oriented methods taught by most coach training programs.

To become a more skillful coach, you must respond to the evolving world by becoming more in tune with yourself and your clients’ narratives.
  • If you sense that the best way to increase the quality and value of your coaching is to do more with less…
  • If you believe that your presence and connection in a dehumanized world is one of the most valuable things you can offer clients…
  • If you want to work with more ease and impact using effective, efficient, and enjoyable methods
Then The Narrative Coach Program is for you.
Save my seat!

I feel very much part of a community of people getting to grips with what is a very simple, yet quite unusual way of being — given the productivity-focused culture we live in.

As a 27-year-old, I was a little nervous about how I would find my place within the cohort. But I have found a warm and supportive community. The faculty make it feel like a really safe place to be confused or to want further clarification, without the fear of being made to feel stupid.

The material is both thoroughly researched and distilled whilst being simple and accessible to understand. The content is delivered in manageable chunks with plenty of opportunities for reflection, practice, and discussion. It has helped me become far more present and calm when I coach.

Nick Fogarty, Bristol based Artist, Coach, and Facilitator