The Narrative Coach Program

To become a more skillful coach...You don’t need more information, tools, or formulas.

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At a time when everyone keeps talking about how fast the world is changing…

The Narrative Coach Program is not about running to keep pace. Instead, it’s about slowing down and discovering a transformative sense of ease and self-assuredness. It’s about lightening your ‘coaching toolbox’ so you can be more present to what is right in front of you and more clear about what really matters for your work.

It is about gaining clarity and honing your presence so you can be agile and responsive, no matter what challenges the present or future may bring.

Your journey starts with a deeper self-trust…

By focusing on your own development first, the Narrative Coach Program enables you to work with your clients as whole beings — body, mind, and soul. In the process, you will become more confident as the foundation for a more centered and impactful practice.

This isn't just beneficial for you — it's invaluable for your clients.

In an ever-changing world, your capacity to show up grounded, balanced, and aligned is exactly what your clients need to navigate their lives’ complexities.

David’s work addresses the depth of our humanity.

It goes beyond being transactional or simply working toward a goal. It endeavors to get to the core of who we are as human beings and what it means to have a human life.

- Maureen Owen - MODT PCC
Transformational Leadership Coach and Facilitator at Owen Consulting Services

This is what it takes to support the clients of tomorrow...

The Narrative Coach Program equips you to move beyond coaching in a straight line, conforming to competency models, setting agendas, and solving problems. It will free you to be radically present for your clients in each and every moment so they can do the same for themselves.

Why does this matter? Because when you coach this way, you empower your clients to achieve outcomes that are:

  • Achievable – When you’re fully present with your client, you can better notice where they are right now and what they most need next in order to grow.
  • Meaningful – When you help clients get to the crux of their issues sooner, they can make more progress through coaching in ways that matter to them.
  • Sustainable – When you are truly client-centered, their progress is more likely to stick because you’ve supported their journey, not taken them on yours.

What is the Narrative Coach Approach?

The Narrative Coach Program is based on over 20 years of Dr. David Drake’s experience and research. It has been enriched through his new work, including The Five Maturities. It is a deep dive into the theory and practice of human development and using people’s stories to support the changes they seek.

It offers practitioners like you the resources you need to walk with your clients in a more natural, emergent, and responsive manner. You can let go of so many of the 'SHOULDS' you may have been taught to access more of yourself and what coaching can be.

We help you:

  • Notice the inner narratives that inform your role as a coach
  • Reflect on the deeper meaning and impact of these narratives
  • Identify openings to adapt these narratives to support your growth

You’ll discover how to trust that everything you need is right in front of you, how to use silence to create more breathing room, how to attend to what is emerging, and how to experiment now instead of setting goals for later. As a result, you can walk with and support clients as they move through their natural process of change and take their next steps.

I had no idea how immersive and transformative this experience would be.

What I’d been taught about how to coach did not sit well with me — it was all too rational and left-brained — and I wasn’t enjoying coaching or growing my business as a result. Narrative Coach provided an entirely new way of being with and inquiring into other people and their stories. It has made me a less anxious, more effective coach. It is experiential, immersive, and relational experience. I found it really quite magical.

- Rachel Lawlan

Is The Narrative Coach Program right for me?

Narrative Coach is right for you if you’re...

  • Naturally curious and self-reflective
  • Feeling limited by traditional approaches to coaching
  • Ready to create a more responsive coaching experience based in the present moment
  • Seeking to coach in more authentic, human, meaningful, and sustainable ways
  • Eager to be a part of an amazing, supportive community of like-minded practitioners

Narrative Coach is not right for you if you’re...

  • Not interested in working on yourself
  • Committed to maintaining a traditional approach to coaching
  • Attached to setting agendas and goals as well as needing to feel in control in coaching
  • Comfortable with coaching in a formulaic manner and keeping the personal separate
  • Content going your own way

The Narrative Coach Program has been outstanding.

Perhaps the biggest difference has been in myself, in coaching and more broadly. I can just be, or just notice things - my whole approach has shifted.

- Martin Wale: Executive and Narrative Coach

The Frontier of Coaching

The needs of your clients at so many levels aren’t being met by the traditional, transactional methods taught by most coach training programs.

To become a more skillful coach, you must respond to the evolving world by becoming more in tune with yourself and your client’s narratives.

In some ways, this work is taking us beyond coaching to provide something that your clients can’t get elsewhere — but need now more than ever.

If you sense that the best way to increase the quality and impact of your coaching is to do more with less…

If you believe that the depth of your humanity, presence, and connection is one of the most valuable things you can offer clients…

If you are ready to step into the future of coaching and what your clients need most right now…

Then The Narrative Coach Program is for you.