Narrative Coach

To become a more skillful coach...

You don’t need more information, tools, or formulas.

In Session:

The 2023 Narrative Coach Program is in full swing!

The current cohort of 40+ is on a nine-month journey to deepen their understanding and application of narrative coaching.

Already a Narrative Coach?

Narrative Coach Practice Groups

The Moment Institute is launching Narrative Coaching Practice Groups to help you more fully embody and implement this unique approach to coaching. 

These groups will be facilitated within a new online community that will give you access to narrative coaches from around the world, a safe place to practice, a library of new resources, and actionable feedback to increase your maturity and mastery as a Narrative Coach.

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Up Next:

Our signature Narrative Coach Program is being reimagined!

The experience is being rebuilt as part of a broader strategy to move beyond competencies to offer a comprehensive, yet agile, approach to developing coaches.

It will offer:

  • On-demand learning of all the essentials
  • Resources to get you started
  • Bonus videos from David
  • Masterclasses to deepen your learning
  • Forum to meet other Narrative Coaches

This new Narrative Coach Essentials Program will launch in January 2024 along with the next round of our Narrative Coach Practice Groups. Registration for both opportunities will open in October 2023.

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What is the Narrative Coach Approach?

It's not MORE stuff. We help you lighten your proverbial ‘coaching toolbox’...

So you can be more present to what is right in front of you and clear about what really matters for your work. Using this approach allows you to experience what becomes possible when you travel lightly.

 The Narrative Coach offers practitioners like you the resources you need to walk with your clients in a more natural, emergent and responsive manner. You can let go of so many of the 'SHOULDS' you may have been taught before to access more of yourself and what coaching can be.

We start with your own development...

Everything we teach starts with the development of ourselves as humans and practitioner. We can’t travel farther with our clients than we have gone ourselves and, in the end, we are our best instrument. The more aware you are of yourself, the more mature the mindset you can bring to work with your clients. The value in doing so is reflected in the fact that participants consistently share their deep appreciation for who they have become as a result of embodying this approach.

We help you:
  • Notice the inner narratives that inform your role as a coach
  • Reflect on the deeper meaning and impact of these narratives
  • Identify openings to adapt these narratives to support your growth

The Narrative Coach approach increases your ability to show up more fully and authentically with your clients. You will be able to let go of the need to fix client problems and, instead, learn how to be radically present to their lived experiences in each moment. As a result, you can walk with and support clients as they move through their natural process of change and their next steps.

Narrative coaches help clients to pursue outcomes that are more:
  • Achievable because you focus on what they are ready for now
  • Meaningful because you attend to what is relevant for them
  • Sustainable because you ensure they have the resources they need
  • Scalable because you address recurring patterns, not symptoms

They do this by trusting that everything they need is right of them, using silence to create more breathing room, experimenting instead of setting goals, attending to what is emerging rather than making plans, and working with greater ease.

I had no idea how immersive and transformative this experience would be.

What I’d been taught about how to coach did not sit well with me — it was all too rational and left-brained — and I wasn’t enjoying coaching or growing my business as a result. Narrative Coach provided an entirely new way of being with and inquiring into other people and their stories. It has made me a less anxious, more effective coach. It is experiential, immersive, and relational experience. I found it really quite magical.

- Rachel Lawlan