About Us

The Moment Institute was founded by Dr. David Drake

Our Mission

We provide an intimate, collaborative space where practitioners can learn, grow, and co-create using this work for the sake of generations to come.

Our Vision

We attract a global community of practitioners who can liberate and scaffold the learning and development potential in any moment.

Our Strategy

We walk our talk by offering learning and development experiences that uniquely enable practitioners to stand out for who they are/how they work.

David Drake, PhD - Founder & CEO 

"I have dedicated my life and career to standing in third spaces — as someone who is (1) a grounded practitioner and a visionary thinker, (2) dedicated to the scholarly and the shamanic, and (3) the founder of three bodies of work and someone who savors the moment.

I have studied, written, and taught all over the world. I have a passion for distilling ideas and insights down to their essence and then creating experiences that use them to support transformative growth."

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Our Team

Emily Wray

Chief Learning Officer

From our faculty...

The Moment Institute is the go-to place for conversations about how we accompany each other in uncertain times, sit together to contemplate the unknown, and work with what is emergent in the field. Together we move beyond our current professions to develop new, embodied, and integrated post-professional modalities — and welcome all kinds of skillful and curious people to our community of practice.

Carolyn Sargentson, The ID Way Experience

Our Faculty

Ann Wright

Narrative Coach

Vicki Nicholson

Narrative Coach

Alison Whitmire

Narrative Coach

Event Hosts

Karen Weatherford

Beyond Coaching Experience

Advisory Board

Alison Carroll
Jeff Stags
Stephanie Morrison
Michelle Greenhill