Beyond Resolution: Discovering the Power of ‘Completion’

Experiencing a breach of trust, whether within ourselves or from others, often leaves us at a crossroads. We may grapple with feelings of betrayal, yearning for closure that fulfills our hopes yet eludes our grasp. Many find themselves trapped in a perpetual loop of what-ifs and if-onlys, seeking a resolution where every loose end is neatly tied. However, this need for certainty can often leave us feeling stuck, neither able to be with what IS nor move on to what is called for now.

What if moving forward didn't require that we feel fully resolved? What if, instead of chasing absolutes, we found solace and strength in completion a concept more nuanced and liberating? It invites us to shift from a need for perfection to an opening for a deeper presence. Resolution assumes there is a definitive destination, while completion calls us to a fuller incarnation of what makes us human. In the process, we develop a greater maturity, sense of peace, and readiness to move forward.

In this post, we'll explore why embracing a sense of completion, rather than insisting on resolution, can strengthen your trust in yourself and empower you to face an uncertain future with more grit and grace. To start, let’s hear from Dr. David Drake:

A Note from Dr. David Drake: 

As I emerge from more than a year of health challenges and move further into my 60s, I’ve found myself reflecting more on my past. Thinking back to memories of experiences I found challenging or disappointing, I realized that these memories were like the rings on a tree. 

Like with the spiral in the Narrative Coaching model, every time I circled back to the memory, I did so as a new and more mature person. As a result, the memory and my associations with it changed. I came to see that there was seldom a perfect resolution, but there was the potential for an increasing sense of completion. 

Each pass through the stories I told myself brought with it new insights, new perspectives, and new completions. We can increasingly feel complete with any adverse experience if we release ourselves bit by bit. Otherwise, we are less present to our current life because we are waiting for resolutions from our past life.

Each time we reflect on old stories, we can see and do more to serve the next round of completion. Offer gratitude for as much as you can do now, knowing that you can live fully even as there may be more completions to come.

How 'Completion' Unlocks New Beginnings 

In our relentless pursuit of goals and resolutions, "completion" is often misunderstood as a definitive end — a task accomplished, a dilemma resolved. Yet, when navigating the complexities of moving forward after a loss of trust, traditional markers of completion may fall short. It's in these moments that a deeper, more nuanced understanding of completion becomes invaluable — one rooted in a deeper sense of fulfillment rather than a shallow checklist of achievements.

Consider completion not as an end but as a threshold to new beginnings. It is based in a sense of ‘enough’ for now rather than the need for everything to be resolved before we move forward. It means being at peace with what remains open-ended and incomplete for now rather than forcing premature conclusions. It's an acknowledgment of our capacity to navigate the unknown with wisdom and resilience, armed not with all the answers but with the inner resources to find our way. 

How Completion Catalyzes Growth

Shifting your focus from external resolutions to internal fulfillment transforms completion into a potent catalyst for growth. It liberates you from the paralyzing quest for certainty and opens you to the infinite possibilities inherent in the unknown. This perspective celebrates every step into the mystery as an act of self-trust that is one of the foundations for all growth.

In this light, completion signifies a new beginning. It marks the moment when you can declare, "I have done enough here; I am ready to embrace what comes next." It's a declaration of self-trust that propels you into the future, equipped with the knowledge that you can compost what no longer serves you as well as curate and channel what you need now.

Navigating Life’s Mysteries Through ‘Completion’

To truly embrace the unknown and cultivate a deeper trust in yourself, it’s helpful to practice engaging with the concept of ‘completion’ in your daily life. Here’s how you can begin: 

  • Reflect: Spend time in quiet reflection on areas in your life awaiting completion. Ask yourself, "Where can I find a sense of completion that would allow me to deepen my trust in myself and take the next step?”
  • Practice Presence: Engage in practices that anchor you in the present moment, such as Dr. Drake's Full Circle breathing meditation (featured in our Beyond Coaching Experience sessions). This will give you new insights on where you are on your journey of completion and what you may need next.
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As you move through this week, consider: Where can you experience a greater sense of completion that would bring more flow into your life, breathe through that which was once difficult, move to a new level of completion, and form new memories and stories?

The journey to completion isn't about instant gratification but about discovering the nuanced wisdom within your experiences, gracefully releasing what no longer serves your evolution, and embracing the lessons that nourish your growth.

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