Dispatch From The Road

I am fresh off the Post-Threshold Retreat we just held in the UK. It was an incredible experience to work in-person again and embrace new friends and old!

In sensing how we've all changed through the pandemic and what we might need most right now, I redesigned the experience. There was more attention on community-building, reconnecting with and trusting ourselves, and learning how to work in these in-between times as threshold workers.

The experience was so well received that we are starting plans to bring the new retreat to the US and Australia later in the year. We are also starting to think about how to integrate the retreats with our new Threshold Lab to provide a space for members to bring their new ideas to life to address the urgent needs of our times. Stay tuned . . .

Just before leaving for the UK, I received word that my recent WBECS Summit presentation on the future of coaching was fourth on their Top 10 Sessions list! Thanks to all of you who joined me in that space and for the debrief of the presentation I held last week.

If you missed either session, you can watch the recorded archives here:

WBECS Presentation - What People Need: The Future of Coaching

Presentation Debrief

On July 14th I kick off the WBECS Pro Summit with a demonstration of Narrative Coaching. There is a cost associated with this series, but if you're interested and would like to attend, access this link now for an early registration discount.

From here I head to visit my daughter in Germany and enjoy a much-needed holiday. Later I will connect with Jeff Hull, Director of the Institute of Coaching at Harvard, and Joel Monk, co-founder of Coaches Rising. It is part of our commitment at The Moment institute to partner around important issues related to the future of coaching and our planet.

For now, I will bask in the afterglow of the retreat and wish for you the restorative energy and inspiration we cultivated together here.