The Invitation of The Threshold Lab

May 27, 2022

I’ve been teaching coaching skills inside and outside for the past 25 years. Over that time, I’ve continued to see coaching as more of an art than an act, an improvisational experience more than a linear process. As we launch The Threshold Lab, it brings the vision I’ve held all this time to its fullest expression.

Two of the reasons why I am excited for the Lab:

The Lab offers a self-directed, socially-supported learning community in which practitioners can grow as a whole person.

We have drawn on David’s work in attachment theory to create (a) a warm and welcoming safe haven that offers practitioners like you a sense of belonging; (b) a secure base in which you can explore and experiment with like-minded peers; (c) the scaffolding you need to evolve your working model and identity in these times; and (d) the space to innovate and collaborate to make a difference in the ‘family’ systems in which you live and work.

The Lab helps practitioners to integrate and curate what they know so they can travel lighter and adapt. 

The Lab is about deepening your personal and spiritual maturity so you can BE with others in new ways. It is about redefining what professional development and professional practice look like so that we can forge new paths with others. To address the issues before us, we need practitioners like you who can engage the source not just respond to symptoms.

We believe The Threshold Lab represents the future of learning and development. I look forward to joining with all of you who are keen to co-create a better way — for ourselves and in service of others. The leaders who will take our work forward will emerge from the Lab as will the innovative programs and projects the world needs. And the beauty of it all is that we don’t have to do it by ourselves. The Lab is a place for visitors, students and graduates to gather, to come home.

Join us on June 6th for the launch of The Threshold Lab. This free 90-minute session will be held at 10am ET and again at 6pm ET via Zoom.

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