The Threshold Lab Launches June 6th

May 31, 2022

While presenting at the ESMT Coaching Colloquium in Berlin some years ago, I visited the Pergamon Museum. Back then, the entrance was rather sparse. I bought my ticket once inside the building, then looked around for signs pointing to the entrance to the museum’s exhibits. The walls were bare and there was no obvious place to start. I spun around a few times, baffled about what to do. 

I then paused to think about the shape of the building and realized that the entrance had to be on the side I was now facing. I spotted an old wooden door off to the side. “No, that can’t be it” “Not for an important museum like this.” Seeing no alternative, I went over and opened the door. 

Stepping inside . . . I gasped . . . and found myself in the midst of a massive room complete with majestic pillars, a 100-foot wide staircase and a 40 foot ceiling — reassembled from another part of the world over 2,000 years ago. It took my breath away. . . both for the grandeur of the setting but also the surprise of finding it behind such a plain door.

I carry that experience with me as if it were yesterday as a reminder of the power of radical presence. Not just to be able walk through new doors, but to stand in awe on the other side. The work we are called to do now is less about adding to what we know as it is deepening who we are. We no longer live in a paint-by-number world. It is time we all found our inner van Gogh.

Our clients are asking us to help them find the door to a new world that is more equitable, sustainable and meaningful. The first step is to invite them to join us in greater radical presence in each moment. That is why we are launching The Threshold Lab as a space where our students, graduates and guests can gather to be, learn and create together. 

We are launching the Lab on June 6th at 10:00am and 6:00pm ET. 

It is a complementary session that will include a practice to deepen your presence, spaces to connect with others on what matters to you, and a tour of the new membership platform. While the door to the lab might seem plain and simple, once inside you will discover treasures for your heart, mind and soul. 

RSVP for the open-house session to learn more about The Threshold Lab.