What is The ID Way?

Nov 02, 2021

I remember telling my daughter when she was starting high school and feeling pressure to figure it all out: (1) School is a game. Figure out how to play it well and you will have more options. (2) Find the great teachers and give them all you’ve got. (3) The learning you will value most is seldom found in textbooks and almost never on tests. 

It was around this time that I stopped doing training and dedicated myself to deepen Integrative Development. ID had begun as an integration of OD, training, and coaching to reflect what I was doing with clients. I increasingly moved between roles in projects and programs to address what was emerging because their complex needs did not respond well to silo-based solutions.

As Karl Weick noted—much to our chagrin—our clients remain unmoved by our rivalries. They make connections in viewing the world and their work in complete disregard of any of our arbitrary disciplinary boundaries they may be violating. Instead, they steadfastly focus on solving their problems. . . The calling for us is to meet them there . . .

As I harvested what I had learned, I identified the core principles that became The ID Way. Integrative Development frees us to imagine a more natural and effective way to help clients grow; none of which resembles the schools most of us attended. Ironically, a major source in advancing ID has been visionary child psychologists and educators. They have shaped my mission to liberate practitioners so they can do the same for clients. Our future depends on it.

So, what does that mean for you? Over 100 practitioners from around the world took part in our first two Integrative Development programs over the past 18 months. We have used our own work to significantly upgrade this program, and we will launch the next cohort in January 2022. The ID Way was made for these uncertain times, and it will change how you work forever. 

You will learn how to BE in coaching sessions, workshops, courses, and projects in ways that align with how people actually learn and develop. You will discover how to help them get what they most need right now to scaffold their growth. Doesn’t this sound like way more fun than exhausting yourself over-preparing for and over-determining what ‘should’ happen? 

Come join a movement to transform how we empower people to learn and grow. Let’s replace conformity and compliance with consciousness and community. You can find out more at https://www.themomentinstitute.com/id-way-program