We can draw from indigenous traditions who realized that we are relational beings in constant
communication and exchange — shaped by stories from our past, present, and future.

– Dr. David Drake –

Our greatest strength is who we have become as a community

Using structured emergence to grow

Our mission — starting with our founder, Dr. David Drake — is not to become the brightest candle but rather to see how many candles we can help shine. That is why we have over 20 community members involved in leading our programs and community, with more to come as we grow.

We know learning is a social process, timely and deep adaptation requires many points of sensing, and that the Institute is more of a replenishing oasis in the desert than a revolving hub in the wheel. That is why we are exploring how to transform a large part of our business into a cooperative.


 Advisory Team

  • Alison Carroll   (United States)
  • Carolyn Sargentson   (United Kingdom)
  • Cathy Bonczek   (United States)
  • Colin Kramer   (France)
  • Emma Noguchi   (Singapore)
  • Jeff Staggs   (United States)
  • Kathy Craven   (United States)
  • Kristi Dooley   (United States)
  • Pratap Nambiar  (Singapore)
  • Stephanie Morrison  (United States)
  • Wendy Luke   (United States)

 Faculty Team

  • Ann Wright   (New Zealand)
  • Carolyn Sargentson   (United Kingdom)
  • Emma Noguchi   (Singapore)
  • Jeff Staggs   (United States)
  • Lis McNicholl   (United States)
  • Vicki Nicholson   (Ireland)

 Hosting Team

  • Bronwen Eberhard   (Australia)
  • Claudia López   (United States)
  • Robert Thompson    (United Kingdom)
  • Karen Weatherford   (United States)

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