How do I Stand Out in a Crowded Market?

The Five Maturities

Discover a new approach to develop and market your skills as a coach

Uncover the three core strategies you need to design your own future as a coach and thrive in today’s competitive landscape. 

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Get Unstuck Reflection Exercise

Becoming a great coach is more about BEING (maturity) than it is DOING (mastery). The ultimate aim is to create your own authentic style as a coach and participate with integrity in the wider industry. 

This will help you identify where you may feel stuck in your practice and how to use The Five Maturities to to engage your situation more wisely. 

During this groundbreaking event, we explored critical questions such as: 

  • What do we want coaching to become to serve the world we are in now? 
  • What distinctions and decisions will be required to help us get there?
  • How do we create a better fit between how coaches are developed and assessed and what coaches do when they are at their best?
  • And so much more.  

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain a new perspective on coach development and design your own future as a coach.