Narrative Coach Practice Groups

A new offer for graduates to deepen their narrative coaching mindset and skills.

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Support for Graduates

We are grateful for the thousands of practitioners around the world who have studied Narrative Coaching with David over the past 20+ years.

To further support your journey...

The Moment Institute is launching Narrative Coaching Practice Groups to help you more fully embody and implement this unique approach to coaching.

These groups will be facilitated within a new online community that will give you access to narrative coaches from around the world, a safe place to practice, a library of new resources, and actionable feedback to increase your maturity and mastery as a Narrative Coach.

 A safe place to practice...

These groups are open to practitioners who are enrolled in or have completed a Narrative Coaching workshop or program with Dr. David Drake.

Group members have access to Ovida, a pioneering online platform where you can:
  • View recordings of¬†your practice sessions
  • Review transcripts, comments, metrics
  • Receive human and AI-informed feedback
  • Practice skills using Simple Intentional Practices
  • Access focused development resources¬†

Why Ovida?

Ovida is an online, AI-assisted platform that we will leverage in the Narrative Coaching Practice Groups.

David has been working as an advisor to the founders of Ovida. Some key elements of the latest version of the platform were heavily informed by the philosophy of Narrative Coaching and the pedagogy of Integrative Development.

Ovida focuses on ethically using AI to help people communicate better, by enhancing self awareness, developing core skills like listening, asking questions, building trust, and ultimately improving how we connect with one another.

A note from David...

I know from my own experience what becomes possible when we can embrace narrative coaching. I teach this work because it changed my life. The biggest hurdle for many narrative coaches is finding ways to integrate it into their practice. That is why I created the Narrative Coach Practice Groups! They are an extraordinary opportunity to practice your skills in a safe space with peers, get feedback and support, and grow as a narrative coach.

- Dr. David Drake