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Our core programs

Being, doing and learning emerge in relationship with one another.


– Dr David Drake 

We are the Moment Institute

– Dr David Drake

What we teach

Integrative Development is the foundation for all of our programs:

  • The Pathfinder Program is a complimentary, self-directed, five-module introduction to our three core programs and Community Membership. Available December 4, 2020.

  • The Narrative Coaching Program is an upgraded version which remains on the leading edge of the field and is perfect for these times.
  • The Narrative Release Program is an interdisciplinary approach to healing, wholeness and post-traumatic growth using our stories.
  • The Integrative Development Program is an opportunity to learn a powerful new way to design and facilitate learning & development.

Each one teaches the essentials you need and includes Certification.

  • The Creators Lab is for graduates of our three core programs who want to bring this work to the world through projects, programs or products.

How and why we teach

All of our programs are designed and structured using Integrative Development theory. What this means for you:

  • We believe you are your best instrument, so we focus on you not lots of tools
  • We address being, knowing and doing so you can apply what you learned
  • We invite each participant to craft their own learning journey and outcomes
  • We know learning is social and somatic, so we engage you as a whole person
  • We value your experience and freedom and the power of structured emergence

The Pathfinder Program is an easy way for you to get a taste of what we offer. This is where to start if you want a safe and supportive community in which to grow and adapt your practice for these times.

The Narrative Coaching Program builds on twenty years of Dr Drake's research, writing and practice. This is the program for you if you are ready to work more courageously with clients and deepen your practice.

The Narrative Release™ Program grew out of continued requests from the global Narrative Coaching community to help practitioners deal with their clients' bigger issues. This is for you if you are a seasoned practitioner with psychological training who wants to work with clients' stories at deeper levels.

The Integrative Development Program features the theory of learning and development that underpins our two narrative programs. This is for you if you want to integrate the best of what you have learned and who you have become into your practice. It offers you an approach that is far more innately human and effective.

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