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Our core programs

Learning and stories both emerge in relationship and in retrospective.


– Dr David Drake 

We are the Moment Institute

– Dr David Drake

What we teach

Integrative Development is the foundation for everything we teach.

  • The Beyond Coaching Experience (BCE) opens the door into this world and offers an experiential introduction to the essentials of this work.
  • The Integrative Development Practitioner Program (IDP) is the path to Certification and the foundation on which the Institute is built.
  • The Moment Lab (LAB) is an opportunity to put this work into practice as a creator or facilitator.

Each program opens up a level of membership which graduates can choose to deepen and sustain their learning. It is a revolutionary approach to professional development in which what is offered co-evolves with the community to ensure we remain relevant, agile and effective in these times.

The Core Programs

The Beyond Coaching Experience Program (BCE)

This three-module intensive opens up new frontiers in terms of what is possible in your practice and what the world needs right now. You will learn the fundamentals of Integrative Development and its support for your integration, growth and freedom in how you work.


The Integrative Development Practitioner (IDP) Program

This ten-month program integrates personal, spiritual, professional and social development. It introduces you to a profoundly new way of working that was made for these times, and it includes a Certification which opens the door the the LAB.


The Moment LAB

This five or ten-month program supports the development of IDP graduates who want to become faculty for our programs and/or who want to bring this work to the world through projects, programs, products or processes which make a difference.


What if I want to become a Narrative Coach?

Starting in 2021, Narrative Coaching will be taught in our Professional Membership as part of a global community of practice. If you want to read more, check out this note from David. More information will be forthcoming on January 11 for both perspective and past students of Narrative Coaching when the memberships become available.

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