Vibrant community-centered learning spaces

Are you. . .

  • Seeking to work with greater simplicity and ease yet have more impact?
  • Yearning for a more integrated approach to your development and practice? 
  • Searching for a welcoming community of like-minded practitioners?

We get it. That is why we created our programs as part of learning communities.

Every module in our programs was designed using our own principles and the following flow:

  1. Initiation – This session is a safe space to Situate yourself, connect with your peers, discern why you are here, and deepen your development as the foundation for working with others.
  2. Immersion – This session strengthens your secure base from which to Search for what you most need and want to learn, and how to expand your presence and perspectives with clients.
  3. Integration – This session will be held in peer triads to help you Shift as you practice skills, reflect on your experiments, and integrate what you are learning and who you are becoming.
  4. Implementation – This session will bring together participants and graduates to learn from each other and increase the collective ability to Sustain this work in your life and your practice.

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Discover how clients can transform their stories and their lives

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“Coaching becomes a deeply human experience…  more natural, honest and stripped back...  instead of adding more tools and models.” - Frances W. 



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