The Five Maturities Series

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The Five Maturities Discussion Series

Join David for this free three-part series based in The Five Maturities. The coaching market is both crowded and wide open for new possibilities. To stand out is less about consuming more stuff and more about maturing yourself. The three 90-minute sessions in this series will open up your thinking about your future as a coach.

What is maturity? How do we mature? We will explore why maturity matters and what we need to help ourselves grow.

June 11 - 3PM ET
June 25 - 5PM ET

What are The Five Maturities? What is the core gift in each one?  We will explore the framework in small groups.

July 9 - 3PM ET
July 16 - 5PM ET

Where are we being called to mature? What support do we need? We will explore what we each need most right now.

August 6 - 3PM ET
August 13 - 5PM ET

To meet the needs of those of you unable to attend at 3PM ET, we have added an additional time slot for each session. All registrants will be automatically enrolled in all of the sessions. Pick the ones that fit your schedule!

There has been an amazing response to The Five Maturities! We look forward to learning more about what is drawing you to this work and to co-creating a safe and generative space that connects you with what you are searching for. This series is the gateway to the study groups and retreats we have planned where you can do the maturational work that matters most to you.

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A replay of each session will be sent to every series registrant in case you miss one.

If you haven't already, we recommend that you read the Report before the series starts. You can download your copy here:

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Series Dates:
  • June 11, 2024 - 3PM ET
  • June 25,¬†2024 - 5PM ET¬†
  • July 9,¬†2024 - 3PM ET
  • July 16,¬†2024 - 5PM ET¬†
  • August 6,¬†2024 - 3PM ET
  • August 13,¬†2024 - 5PM ET
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