Co-Evolving With Coaching Technology

We must deepen our humanity to make healthy choices

Humans have been co-evolving with technology for thousands of years. The past century, however, has seen an exponential increase in the rate of technological advancement. These advancements are, by and large, a good thing: they augment how we live and work, and they can augment our reach and impact as coaches. 

Developments such as artificial intelligence can help coaches work more effectively by automating certain mundane tasks (like determining the share of voice and openness of questions) and enhancing the coaching experience (like automating prompts, nudges, and reminders). 

It’s important to recognize, however, that the fast-paced evolution of coaching technology requires coaches to keep pace in terms of developing themselves as humans and as users of technology. Otherwise, we risk losing ourselves, our connections to life around us, and our collective well-being for the sake of ‘progress.’ 

Today we’re exploring how we can deepen our humanity so that we can co-evolve with the technologies we use.

A Note From David: 

One of the primary reasons why I have worked for myself for over 30 years is because I am at my best when I can align what I need to do with my unique energetic rhythms on a given day. For example, my writing Muse was active last week, so I wrote one of my most significant articles ever in less than a week by riding the waves when the Muse was in full motion. I found more success channeling what is available than scheduling what I should do.

I use this simple approach in my approach to the technologies I use. I have opted for Apple products for the past 40 years because I value design, experience, and ease of use. I invest in nice monitors to make it easy for my eyes and mind to stay relaxed so they work better. I avoid most social media because I find it distracting in terms of my flow and peace of mind. I take breaks often to return to my natural rhythms . . .

This ethic has carried over into many innovative client projects in which I invite them to build only that which serves the common good inside and outside the organization. My current work with the Ovida platform we will be using to support some of our offers in 2023 for Narrative Coach graduates is a great example. Part of my role is to help them optimize the user experience and the value coaches can gain from that experience. It is an ongoing dance between our core human needs and our endless technological possibilities.

Deepening Your Humanity as a Coach 

Deeping your humanity as a coach in today’s fast-paced world requires a willingness to dedicate time and energy to your well-being and your choices

Here are a few tips to get started: 

  • Create technology-free spaces in your home, office and life.

Technology is an amazing tool, but to clearly notice and sense its impact on you and your work, you need time and space away from it. Find ways every day to just BE YOU, like standing or walking nature, looking out the window, playing with a pet. 

  • Commit to greater self-awareness in relation to technology.

Become more aware of how you work when you are at your best and align your technology and workspace/time to be in flow more often. Recognize that technology takes time as well as saves time. Take more breaks to break the screen-based trance. Use technology when it frees up time for what matters most to you.

  • Contribute to a better culture through your tech choices.

Choose providers and producers who mitigate unintended consequences, score well on Glassdoor, and deepen rather than damage the social fabric. Find a healthy balance for you between getting your message out there and just adding to the noise.

  • Nurture your wholeness in meaningful ways. 

Spend more time in nature. Rest your eyes and mind. Eat healthy food with consciousness. Deepen your relationships. Getting back to the core of what makes you whole and human will give you the grounding you need to make conscious choices about the relationship you want with technology.

We find that the most helpful place to start is by connecting with and learning from your peers. 

Join a Supportive Community of Coaches 

Here at The Moment Institute, we offer a retreat-like program for coaches called The Narrative Release Program. The experience is designed to nurture your wholeness and your ability to work deeply with others. 

We created this program because we’ve seen time and time again that coaches need space to slow down, notice more, and find clarity amid the fog. We wanted to give coaches the support they have been asking for to help them and their clients walk alongside each other in these challenging times. 

Narrative Release is a retreat-like experience that offers you a safe and generative space in which you can deepen your connection with yourself, with others, and with the purpose for your life and work. It is the perfect nourishment to restore and replenish yourself so you can work at thresholds with others. Part of this is creating a more conscious stance around technology and the world we are creating.

To learn more about The Narrative Release Program, click here. If you would like to experience learning with Dr. David Drake, please join our next free Beyond Coaching Experience.