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What's Next: Upcoming Opportunities With The Moment Institute

May 24, 2022

The pandemic has highlighted our deep human need for contact, connection and community. From Buffalo to Kyev, we see the price we pay when we forget we are part of the same human family. Many of us have invested mightily over the past two years, seeking to gear up to be of service in a new world. As we slowly emerge, many of us have awakened to a weariness in our well-being, a wonderment about what is next, and a worry about our future on the planet.

We are responding to these three invitations in the following ways as part of our mission to advance the human capacity to learn from each moment in service of the greater good:

We are hosting our first live retreat in over two years in the UK on 19-21 June. It is an opportunity to explore how to live a post-threshold life as we care for ourselves and others in liminal times. Only four spaces left!

Learn more about the retreat here.

We are launching The Threshold Lab as a new platform as part of our commitment to re-imagine professional development for a new world. It is a place where those who have worked with David in the past, are studying his work now, or who are seeking a more deeply human and integrated way of working can continue to learn and grow.

As a member of the Lab you will have access to regular events, an online library, practitioners from all over the world, and scaffolding to bring this work into the world. It is the culmination of a dream David had in the Outback in Australia ten years ago — and whose time has come.

Learn more about The Threshold Lab here.

Join us!