We help practitioners see clearly

in a world that feels upside down




What are you seeking?

We help practitioners to compost what they no longer need, curate what is most essential, and contribute what matters most right now.

We provide them with safe, enriching spaces to deepen themselves and their practice using the pioneering work of Dr. David Drake, founder of narrative coaching and integrative development.


Who we are

We are a community of diverse practitioners engaged in the work of radical presence.

We are not a training company.

Unlike others in the learning and development space, we work with what is emerging in the moment to liberate its potential for learning. We trust that everything we need is right in front of us. We are comfortable with the unknown because we know that is where change and transformation are found.

We are not bound by rigid outcomes that may or may not be helpful to individuals, organizations, or the planet. We start from a different paradigm by showing up fully and holding space profoundly for what actually matters.


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Dispatch From The Road

A note from David

What do you need most right now?


"Our work is based in 'enlightened pragmatism'. By the end of one of our programs, you will have gained a powerful new approach to your work and be surprised by how much you have grown along the way." – Dr. David Drake  


It’s tempting to describe what we offer as 'programs' because it is a term we all recognize. What we offer you instead are learning experiences in community that accelerate your personal and professional growth.

Community Events

Care for yourself; connect with the community;  experience this work

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The ID Way™

Learn Integrative Development to support your clients to learn faster

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Narrative Coach™

Learn how to help clients transform their stories and their lives

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"David's genius is the way he ushers you into his life’s work to experience and explore it for yourself and, in doing so, he is mirroring the work he is teaching us." - Karen W.


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