The ID Way

The Art of Real Change in Real Time

In Session:

The 2023 ID Way Experience is in full swing!

The current cohort of 30+ is on an eight-month journey to deepen their understanding and application of what they are learning (and who they are becoming in the process).

Up Next:

The next cohort of The ID Way Experience will launch in January 2024.

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What is The ID Way Experience?

You can only serve as a guide to places you’ve been yourself.

Our clients’ needs are changing far faster than our organizations, our professions, and our practices.

What if, rather than running to keep pace, you slowed down to learn a profoundly new way of working?

What if, rather than separating your personal development and professional development, you could do both at the time?

The ID Way Experience offers a more spacious and natural approach to learning and development. It’s your opportunity to integrate the best of who you are and what you’ve learned to create a new way forward. And, because you will be developing yourself alongside your skills, the Experience will enrich your capacity to do this in any aspect of your life and work.

It is a call to be more…

✔️ Courageous in helping our clients deal with the real issues they face;

✔️ Aligned with the consistent evidence around what actually makes a difference for clients; and

✔️ Natural in how we do what we do.

The focus: Your maturation as a practitioner.

That is why we have created an Experience, not a Program.

We are not teaching you ID, you will be experiencing ID. As a result, you will deepen your trust in yourself to be and work with what IS... so that you can guide your clients to do the same.

It all starts with trusting yourself.

The ID Way Experience integrates two strands of The Moment Institute's work — Narrative Release (NR) and Integrative Development (ID) — into a single methodology and learning space. These two bodies of work from Dr David Drake (the founder of Narrative Coaching) are built around the same frame and share the same purpose: to enable practitioners to liberate the learning and development potential in ANY moment.

NR is the inner journey that enables practitioners to slow down to recognize the moment and its potential.

ID is the outer journey that enables practitioners to know what to do in those moments.

Together, they will equip you to stand in the unknown and at thresholds with your clients as you re-imagine and re-build your communities, organizations, and lives.

I’ve invested in a lot of different development programs — including a $25k/year mastermind. This one truly went deeper and created fundamental changes that impact every area of my coaching, business, and life.

The ID Way was everything I didn't know I needed. It was less linear than I expected and more transformational in every area of my life than I could have imagined.

The community was incredibly warm and welcoming. I immediately felt witnessed and embraced right where I am. As a result of this program, I am more comfortable not knowing and have slowed down and learned to embrace the moment.

- Catherine Hammond, Life Transition Guide