The ID Way Experience

The Art of Real Change in Real Time

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Unlock a way to work with more ease and flow.

Your clients’ needs are changing faster than our organizations, professions, and practices.
  • What if, rather than running to keep pace (which only leads to more burnout), you slowed down to focus on what is possible in this moment?
  • What if, rather than consuming more information, you composted what you no longer needed, curated only what is essential, and channeled you at your best?
  • What if, rather than separating your personal development and professional development, you could do both at the same time?

The ID Way Experience offers a more spacious and natural approach to learning and development. It’s your opportunity to integrate the best of who you are and what you’ve learned to create a new way forward. You will be developing yourself and your skills, which means you can use what you learn in any aspect of life and work.

It is a call to be more
  • Courageous in helping our clients deal with the real issues they face
  • Aligned with the evidence around what makes a difference for clients
  • Natural in how we do what we do so we can help our clients to do the same

There is something about being able to stand with a client and feel into my own capacity to be trusted, to be leaned on, as I hold space for their process. And I know that when I find that "sweet spot" in me, they can feel it, too. Something moves, and what wants to happen begins to happen.

It is as though nothing exists in the moment but me, and them, and the space - the field - between us. This work expands my own ability to stay present and to work with myself as an instrument - that is all I can trust in those moments and all that the moment needs.

- Carolyn Sargentson

Don't exhaust yourself trying to fit into someone else’s framework

The practitioners who join us recognize that they need to do the deeper work on themselves so they can BE with their clients and the issues they face.

Fancy formulas, trendy buzzwords, overflowing toolkits, and ‘best practices’ represent an outdated approach to our work. The path to better client outcomes starts with freeing yourself so you are no longer boxed in by old ways of working. It is a call to enlightened pragmatism, to compassionately and clearly see what is in front of you and respond with what is needed most.

  • While your clients appreciate what you know… most of what they face is in the unknown and the uncertain.
  • While they appreciate what you can do for them… most of what they need is in how to be with each other.
  • While they appreciate what you contribute to their future… most of what they grapple with is in the present.

Each of us is called now to choose a new way forward that is grounded both in greater care for ourselves, the fellow humans with whom we work, and for the planet on which we live. We will show you how, so that you can maturely and masterfully do the same for others.

It is about working instinctively with what’s natural...

The ID Way Experience is a safe, generous space for exploration and experimentation around how to work with the potential in the moment rather than the plans that were made in advance. You will learn how to notice and work with the inner and outer dynamics that are present when you are with clients.

What you learn will enable you to have greater impact — whether you are designing a program, running a workshop, facilitating a conversation, or coaching leaders.

You will learn how to:

  1. Quiet and attune yourself so that you can notice more.
  2. Connect human to human as the basis for a deeper working relationship.
  3. ‘Read’ the moment and the field to discern what clients are ready for and need most.
  4. Invite clients to step into these moments and who they are seeking to become.
  5. Offer the scaffolding they need to make the most of the moment and its potential.

Be a part of a community of peers who are reinventing how they show up and work with others.

I’ve invested in a lot of different development programs — including a $25k/year mastermind. This one truly went deeper and created fundamental changes that impact every area of my coaching, business, and life.

The ID Way was everything I didn't know I needed. It was less linear than I expected and more transformational in every area of my life than I could have imagined.

The community was incredibly warm and welcoming. I immediately felt witnessed and embraced right where I am. As a result of this program, I am more comfortable not knowing and have slowed down and learned to embrace the moment.

- Catherine Hammond
Life Transition Guide

The focus: Your maturation as a practitioner.

That is why we have created this offer as an Experience not a typical Program.

We are not teaching you ID, you will be experiencing ID and activating the latent potential for ID in yourself. This Experience is about getting to know The ID Way, starting with yourself. As a result, you will deepen your trust in yourself and your ability to work with what IS — so that you can guide your clients to do the same.

It all starts with trusting yourself.

The ID Way Experience draws from two strands of The Moment Institute's work — Narrative Release (NR) and Integrative Development (ID). These two bodies of work from Dr David Drake are built around the same frame and contribute to the same purpose: to enable practitioners to liberate the learning and development potential in ANY moment.

NR is the inner journey that enables practitioners to slow down to recognize the moment and its potential, hold that space with clients, and support what emerges in service of their aspirations.

ID is the outer journey that enables practitioners to know what to do in those moments to make the most of what is possible for clients to take their next vital steps.

Together, they will equip you to stand in the unknown and at thresholds with your clients as they re-imagine and re-build your lives, communities, and/or organizations.

Is The ID Way Experience right for me?

The ID Way is right for you if you’re…

  • Open to being challenged intellectually
  • Feeling limited by traditional approaches to coaching, training, facilitation, and OD
  • Eager to dig deep into self-reflection

The ID Way is NOT right for you if you’re…

  • Looking for more formulas, trendy vocabulary, or copy-and-paste solutions
  • Attached to your current methods and not open to exploring alternative approaches
  • Not prepared to do your own inner work

Dare to live more authentically and deeply.

Our sessions and community are a space for you to slow down to notice more, find clarity and ease amid the fog, and open a deeper way to be yourself and work with clients. While practitioners come to increase their capabilities to find and do good work, most of them report when they leave they are equally grateful for who they became in the process.

All of this is preparing you to stand out because you are freed of cookie cutter approaches to learning and development, and you can go places with clients that others can’t. While it may seem daunting at first because it challenges so much of how we were raised starting in school, once you release yourself, it makes so much more possible!