The ID Way Program

Starting in April 2023, The ID Way and Narrative Release programs are merging into one experience that is deeper and more powerful.

The new program, called The ID Way Experience, will launch mid-April.

Registration is open! 

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It’s time to evolve your practice.

Your clients’ needs are changing far faster than our organizations, our institutions, and our professions.

Integrative Development opens up the potential for learning and growth in each moment so that your work is in direct response to what is emerging while being... 

  • Humbler and bolder
  • Proactive and collaborative
  • Grounded and visionary
It is about being with what is real, more than chasing the ideal.

The ID Way is a heart-driven approach to creating space in which people can bring about their own change.

It all starts with trusting yourself.

Fancy formulas, trendy buzzwords, overflowing toolkits, and ever-changing ‘best practices’ are outdated methods for supporting client growth. The path to better client outcomes starts with freeing yourself so you are no longer boxed in by old ways of working.

If you’ve been looking for permission to work more naturally and more courageously to address what is needed most, here it is:

The ID Way shows you how to trust yourself more deeply and engage your clients more immediately in the moment.

You’ll discover that you can achieve remarkable progress on what matters most with minimal use of agendas, goals, plans, or even curricula.

My whole view of myself… my acceptance of who I am as a coach and person changed.

I’ve done other programs, but none are in the same league. Joining The ID Way community felt like coming home. Everyone​​ was posting ideas and sharing things that were exciting and taking me on journeys I had never imagined.

Previously, I felt like a square peg trying to fit into a round hole. I wondered if my work was any good because I wasn’t doing things the way everyone else was. Now I feel validated in my intuitive approach to work.

I believe The ID Way is one of the most valuable programs I've ever done and that it also brings us into the modern way of coaching and working. I wouldn’t have wanted to miss it for anything in the world.

Nina Midtgaard - Health Strategist

Learn how to work instinctively with what’s present.

The ID Way helps build your capacity to co-create a strong, secure, and confident response to the needs, traumas, and dramas of individual or organizational clients.

It does this by offering you resources to deepen your sense of what is happening in and around you in each moment. It provides the space to reconnect with your humanity, so you can do the same with others as they address what they need most right now.

It enables you to quiet yourself so that you notice more. It enables you to bring strength and scaffolding as you stand in the unknown with clients.

Connect deeply with others seeking a better way.

The ID Way community brings together practitioners whom you can trust as exceedingly open-minded, thoughtful, and supportive. They are people on a mission to find a better way.

This generative community is a safe space to discover:

  • Who you are becoming
  • How you want to live and work
  • What your clients need from you now
Join the 2023 cohort to be a part of a community of peers like you who are reinventing how we work.

I used to say "I’m an active listener."

Now, thanks to The ID Way, my listening has become considerably deeper. Now I listen with heart. I listen with my whole being and can see the possibility in the person in front of me. I build deeper connections with my clients and open a safe space for them to be vulnerable. 

The ID Way has facilitated the unfolding of my signature program: Naked Leadership which incorporates the sum of the heart, spirit, soul, head, and body wrapped in love.

The ID Way has provided me the opening to be truly deeper, more thoughtful, and more spiritual both personally and professionally.

Carol Metz Murray, Founder of the Naked Leadership Movement

The Schedule for The ID Way Program

The 9-month ID Way journey runs from January through early October.

Live sessions are on Thursdays at 10:00am / 6:00pm ET (-5 UTC)

Phase 1: Integrative Development Mindset
  • Module 1: Honoring your own journey
  • Module 2: Creating safety in the 'field'
  • Module 3: Learning at thresholds
Phase 2: Integrative Development Process
  • Module 4: Engaging the bigger story
  • Module 5: Making the most of the moment
  • Module 6: Using structured emergence
Phase 3: Integrative Development Skills
  • Module 7: Putting it all together for yourself
  • Module 8: Using ID in projects & programs
  • Module 9: Infusing ID in your life & practice
Your learning journey includes:
  • Virtual sessions with David to develop yourself
  • Virtual sessions with faculty to explore content
  • Implementation sessions with cohort/alumni
  • Extensive video/audio recordings by David
  • Bonus session to answer your questions
  • Peer practice triad
  • Mastermind group
  • Reflection activities
  • Application exercises
  • Alumni network
  • Resource library
  • Certificate of completion
Plus full access to The Threshold Lab for an entire year!

Each module contains 4 sessions:

Week 1: Initiation

Entering the work

Discover core elements and observe what they look like in practice

Week 2: Immersion

Engaging the work

Practice key skills and receive feedback from faculty

Week 3: Implementation

Doing the work

Experience working with the material in a peer triad and mastermind group

Week 4: Integration

Becoming the work

Share key insights and shifts made over the course of the module

Who is The ID Way Program right for?

The ID Way is right for you if you’re…
  • Open to being challenged intellectually
  • Feeling limited by traditional coaching, training & organization development methods
  • Eager to dig deep into self-reflection
  • Excited by the opportunity to co-create a generative community
And you…
  • Have 3-4 hours per week to dedicate to the growth of your practice and yourself
  • Can afford $397 per month to help you stand out in your market or role
The ID Way is not right for you if you’re...
  • Looking for more formulas, trendy vocabulary, or copy-and-paste solutions
  • Attached to your current methods and not open to exploring alternative approaches
  • Not prepared to do your own inner work
  • Someone who prefers to work alone
Or you…
  • Don’t have any time in the week to dedicate to your development
  • Aren’t in a place where you can dedicate $397 per month toward developing your coaching practice


How much experience do I need to join The ID Way Program?

The better question to consider might be… How open am I to being challenged? We find that the most successful practitioners are those who are willing to be deeply reflective and experiment with new ways of working.

The ID Way uses a flexible course structure that models the Integrative Development process by frequently responding to what is at the forefront for participants. This means that the program adapts to the pace and needs of the participants in real time.

Each participant creates their path to integrating this work based on what they bring to the program and what they want to do next.

What if I commit and then find out I’m not a good fit?

We offer a 100% money-back guarantee. If at any point during the first module of the course (from January 16 through February 10th) you decide that The ID Way isn’t right for you, you can get your money back.

However, we invite you to check in with yourself right now. If everything you’ve read so far about The ID Way Program resonates with you, that’s an excellent sign that this program is for you.

On the other hand, if you’re experiencing objection after objection as you read through the program description, we encourage you to reach out to us with your concerns.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, we do. If you’re unable to pay in full, you’re welcome to pay $397 per month for 9 months. 

How is this different from The Narrative Coach Program?

The ID Way is a robust and resourceful space to assess how you show up to yourself, your purpose, your client’s needs, and our planet. It is designed to support your work with groups and organizations. The Narrative Coach Program is based in the same philosophy and uses some of the same models as The ID Way Program, but is designed to support your work with individuals and teams.

Do you offer certification?

Official ID Way certification is coming! We are redesigning our certification process to make it more robust and valuable to you. You will have the opportunity to become ID Way certified at the end of the 2023 cohort. More details will be released soon.

I’ve invested in a lot of different development programs — including a $25k/year mastermind. This one truly went deeper and created fundamental changes that impact every area of my coaching, business, and life.

The ID Program was everything I didn't know I needed. It was less linear than I expected and more transformational in every area of my life than I could have imagined.

The community was incredibly warm and welcoming. I immediately felt witnessed and embraced right where I am. As a result of this program, I am more comfortable not knowing and have slowed down and learned to embrace the moment.

Catherine Hammond, Life Transition Guide

Get to the heart of what matters.

The ID Way offers a more spacious and natural approach to individual and organizational development. It cuts through the noise and the baggage of the outdated mindset to clarify what really matters for you, your clients, and the world. Without these distractions, it’s your opportunity to integrate the best of who you are and what you’ve learned to create a new way forward.

If you feel called to work with clients in a more natural, meaningful, and effective way, The ID Way Program is for you.

I trust myself more as a coach.

I’ve dropped the expectation of being the “expert” which I always struggled with. Now, I know that simply being present with someone and supporting them to create a felt experience is not only enough, but often quite a radical shift for many clients.

The ID Way is a less head-driven approach in a world where more heart and direct experiences are desperately needed. The supportive community allowed me to embed my learning through experiential practices with a wonderful group of people. I’ve become more present, self-reflective, and more impactful in my coaching practice.

Fiona Redshaw, Leadership and Career Coach