What Is the Deeper Purpose for Your Practice?

If you are:

Yearning for a deeper sense of home and to connect with other courageous practitioners

Drawn to the road less traveled and setting yourself free to learn and work in new ways,

Seeking greater awareness of yourself as the key to helping others grow in these times,

You’re in the right place.

Welcome to The Moment Institute ‚Äď The global home for the pioneering work of Dr. David Drake

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Walk alongside clients in a deeply human way so they can bring new stories to life.

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Liberate the learning and development potential in any moment.

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About Us:

We are...

  • A home for the work of Dr. David Drake to support your growth as a human being and a practitioner.
  • An intimate global community who trust that everything we need is right in front of us.
  • A catalyst for change based in a deep understanding of mastery, maturity, and mystery.

New here? How to get started...

The Five Maturities

David has written extensively on developing masterful coaches. The culmination of this work can be found in his groundbreaking paper, ‚ÄúThe Five Maturities: A New Paradigm for Coach Development‚ÄĚ.

Register for the discussion series, gain access to the paper, brand new resources and the¬†recording of the¬†special Five Maturities event: ‚ÄúHow Do I Stand Out in a Crowded Coaching Market?‚ÄĚ

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The Beyond Coaching Experience (BCE)

Free 90-minute experiences with David every month to explore the frontiers of coaching, learning & development, and personal growth.

These dynamic sessions are a great way to get a taste of David’s work and meet kindred spirits who are searching for new ways to support themselves and their clients. Each session offers you deep insights, powerful conversations, and a resource to enrich your life and practice.

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Our Community

Our global learning community is the heart and soul of The Moment Institute. Practitioners are drawn to this diverse community because of the quality of the people we attract, the bonds they form, and the experiences they create together. If you choose to deepen your learning with us, you gain access to even more in the community. It is the lifeblood of who are and where we are going.

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David's Upcoming Events

  • Monthly:¬†BCE -¬†The Beyond Coaching Experience¬†- a free monthly session that offers a nourishing immersion in our work¬†
  • Monthly:¬†The Five Maturities Series¬†- a free monthly session that¬†explores The Five Maturities¬†
  • May 15th > July 24:¬†IoC Webinar Series - Design Your Future In Coaching: Using the Five Maturities Framework
  • June 27th:¬†¬†Presentation on The ID Way for graduate students at Gordon Institute of Business Science, University of Pretoria
  • September 12th:¬†Conference in Zurich - Presenter on Ethics and AI in Coaching
  • View The Moment Institute¬†YouTube Channel¬†if you want to find out more.

What our practitioners say...

The focus on the whole and the systemic is not new, but the way David cuts through the noise to be in the moment, the here and the now, is potentially life transforming for me as a coach and if leveraged in our coaching conversations with clients can be ecstatic for the client and soul satisfying for the coach.

- Dr. Rupinder Kaur

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An Invitation to Trust

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People don't need more explanations...

They need safe and generative spaces to explore and practice:

  • Whom they are becoming
  • How they want to live and work
  • What the world needs from them now
- Dr. David Drake