Introducing The Five Maturities: A New Paradigm for Coaches

We stand at a pivotal moment in the evolution of coaching.

The industry is more saturated and crowded than ever before, with an increasing focus on consuming more resources and doing more activities to stand out.

But what if we approached it differently? What if coaching was less about accumulating more and instead about...

Maturing yourself from the inside out.

Prioritizing your personal growth to better serve others.

Helping your clients to be the best version of themselves.

If this resonates with you, let me introduce you to The Five Maturities.

This approach represents a new paradigm for coaching and the development of coaches that prioritizes collaborative maturation in support of better outcomes. 

It frees practitioners to bring their whole self—all of what they know and who they have become—to serve those with whom they work. It provides an initial roadmap to new forms of practice which include yet transcend coaching as we know it. 

Many of you have been introduced to David’s pioneering work with The Five Maturities. If not, you can download the report here.

Let’s dive into what this approach entails for coaches and for coaching, and how we can support you in this journey.

A New Paradigm for Coaches 

The crux of The Five Maturities is the idea that maturity is the foundation for all growth.

Mastery in what you do is built on maturity in who you are. This concept suggests that your professional mastery is intrinsically linked to your development as a human being. Becoming your most mature, connected self is what enables you to thrive with your clients.

In the past, we often tried to squeeze in as much as possible—adding more and more stories to our professional ‘skyscraper’. We drank from the proverbial firehouse of information in this space, over-stretched ourselves to adapt to the rising complexity of our clients’ needs, and often found ourselves with less time and energy to truly care for ourselves.

 Now, we find ourselves needing to invert our priorities and investments. It is much less about adding more ‘floors’ to our highrise and much more about strengthening our foundations.

It's time to dedicate more time and effort to deepening our maturity—the roots of who we are and how we show up in the world. This new approach enables us to think in new ways about:

  • How We Measure Success — Success is no longer about passing tests others have created; it's about our own authenticity, integrity, and maturity.
  • How We Develop Ourselves — The deeper we develop personally, the more capacity we have to draw on when we are working with our clients.
  • How We Set Ourselves Apart — The more mature we become at a human level, the more we can enable our clients to do the same.

This systemic focus on our own development is essential if we are to contribute to the new forms of practice that we need to serve our clients in these times. Coaching as we know it is no longer enough, and many of our gifts are held back because they do not fit in that ‘box’. By grounding ourselves in maturity, we create a solid foundation for bringing all of who we are, what we know and what we can do to our work so that clients can do the same themselves.

When we prioritize our maturation, we become better equipped to help our clients navigate their own journeys. This shift from external validation to internal growth is the new paradigm for coaches who wish to lead with greater authenticity and depth.

For many of us, this requires new ways of developing ourselves. The Five Maturities offers a rich set of resources to support this process. It’s the journey to a higher level of thinking about and embodying our role as coaches.

Watch The Five Maturies Discussion

The Five Maturities is the culmination of 25 years of coaching experience. I’m excited about how this framework will transform our approaches and conversations. To introduce you to this paradigm, we’re hosting free discussion sessions to explore The Five Maturities and how they can serve as scaffolding for your growth.

These sessions are an opportunity to learn more and to engage in conversation about the evolving coaching landscape and your quest for greater maternity as a person and as a practitioner.

In our first discussion, we covered:

  • What is maturity?
  • How do we mature?
  • Why maturity matters and what we need to help ourselves grow.

Watch the replay here:

If you feel called to explore these themes further, we invite you to join The Five Maturities Discussion Series. Here, you’ll find a supportive space to discuss the maturities, learn from others, and deepen your personal growth and professional impact.

Want to join us? Register for the next Five Maturities session here!

In gratitude,

David & The Moment Institute Team