The Five Maturities

A New Paradigm for Coach Development

A New Paradigm for Coach Development

The Five Maturities Report was written in support of the future of coaching, and it offers a vision for related practitioners as well.

In our rapidly changing world, no singular role or profession is enough to address the complex needs we face individually and collectively. It is time for new forms of practitioners who include yet transcend coaching:

  • They focus on their maturation so they can stand with those they serve at the thresholds of the massive changes that are before us.
  • They blend inner and outer work, enlightenment and pragmatism ‚ÄĒ knowing that each informs the other and both are essential.
  • They get to the crux of issues using their deep intuition and sensing, and they work directly with what is present in the here and now.
  • They bring all of who they are and what they know to their work, and they use what is called for in the moment on behalf of those they serve.

The report introduces The Five Maturities as a philosophy from which to work and a pedagogy through which to learn. They provide a foundation for a new way of being and working.

"Nothing will take one further from the truth of [our] heroes than slavish imitation. Their individuation task has already been accomplished. Our duty is to risk living our lives as fully as they have risked living their truths."

- James Hollis

The Five Maturities Report

David has written extensively on developing masterful coaches. The culmination of this work can be found in his groundbreaking report, ‚ÄúThe Five Maturities: A New Paradigm for Coach Development‚ÄĚ published by The Moment Institute and available¬†here.

Early support for the paper came from the Institute of Coaching at Harvard, and David ran two standing-room-only sessions on the paper at their 2024 conference. Elements of The Five Maturities have been presented for more than a decade.

The paper identifies why we need to (1) move beyond competency models in assessing and developing coaches, (2) focus on what has the greatest impact on outcomes (client factors), and (3) expand our frames around 'coaches' and ‚Äėcoaching‚Äô to develop more advanced practices and more mature practitioners.

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The Five Maturities Discussion Series

Join David for this free three-part series based in The Five Maturities. The coaching market is both crowded and wide open for new possibilities. To stand out is less about consuming more stuff and more about maturing yourself. The three 90-minute sessions in this series will open up your thinking about your future as a coach. 

June 11 - 3PM ET: What is maturity? How do we mature? We will explore why maturity matters and what we need to help ourselves grow.

July 9 - 3PM ET: What are The Five Maturities? What is the core gift in each one?  We will explore the framework in small groups.

August 6 - 3PM ET: Where are we being called to mature? What support do we need? We will explore what we each need most right now.


We have added bonus sessions!

These bonus 60-minute sessions will supplement the main session, focusing on providing an open discussion on the main session's takeaways. 

They are an excellent opportunity to dive deeper into the subject matter and engage in discussions ‚Ästwhether you attended the live session or not. Everyone is welcome!¬†

June 25 - 5PM ET

July 16 - 5PM ET

August 13 - 5PM ET

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