The Five Maturities

A New Paradigm for Coach Development

A New Paradigm for Coach Development

David has written extensively on developing masterful coaches. The culmination of this work can be found in his groundbreaking paper, ‚ÄúThe Five Maturities: A New Paradigm for Coach Development‚ÄĚ which will be published on May 7th 2024 by The Moment Institute.¬†Register here¬†to be among the first to access the report.¬†¬†

Early support for the paper came from the Institute of Coaching at Harvard. David will run sessions based on the paper at their conference in May and share how to use the paper in your practice in a webinar series.

Elements of The Five Maturities have been presented globally for more than a decade.

This report offers:

(1) A thoughtful critique of why competencies are not enough

(2) A new pedagogy for our practice that is more in line with our times

(3) A new paradigm featuring The Five Maturities, The Five Masteries, and The Five iBEAM Factors

(4) A new framework for the co-evolution of coaches and clients

(5) Recommendations on where to go from here personally and collectively

The paper is designed to spark the conversations we need to adapt to what the world needs now from coaches and how coaching will need to evolve for a new era as a result.

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"Nothing will take one further from the truth of [our] heroes than slavish imitation. Their individuation task has already been accomplished. Our duty is to risk living our lives as fully as they have risked living their truths."

- James Hollis

Why the Five Maturities Matter

Coaches have far more choices and are more discerning now about their investments in professional development. This paper offers some tips on what makes the most difference as a coach and, therefore, what to focus on in your development.

The coaching market continues to grow and diversify. The needs that clients are bringing to coaching are more complex and demanding. The depth of knowledge and experience practitioners are bringing to coaching is increasing. All of this points to the need to move beyond basic competency models in developing and selling ourselves as coaches.

In our rapidly changing world, no singular role or profession is enough to address the complex needs we face. It is time for new forms of practitioners. 

- They focus on their maturation so they can stand with those they serve at the thresholds of the massive changes that are before us. 

- They blend inner and outer work, enlightenment and pragmatism ‚ÄĒ knowing that¬† each informs the other and both are essential.

- They get to the crux of issues using their deep intuition and sensing, and they work directly with what is present in the here and now.

- They bring all of who they are and what they know to their work, and they use what is called for in the moment in service of clients and their journeys.

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The Five Maturities Project

David sees the paper as a catalyst for the fundamental shifts that are needed for coaches and coaching. The same resources can be used more broadly in related industries and in creating the mature and masterful interdisciplinary practitioners we need. 

To get a diverse set of perspectives and a wider range of expertise in taking this work forward, we are seeking aligned scholars, master practitioners, seasoned educators, and forward-thinking buyers of coaching to join the Project.

We hope that this work will spark the conversations we need to form new professional identities that include elements of yet transcend current role definitions. The hundreds of practitioners who David has trained in Integrative Development are a great example of where we are headed.

The Project is also seeking organizations, institutions, and other entities who want to use this work to advance their programs in the coaching and development space. If you are interested, please follow this link and complete the form.