What's new for 2023?

Using the present to consider the future.

What are you ready for now?

This question is at the core of our work at The Moment Institute. As practitioners, it helps us recognize how we can best serve our clients. As an institute, it helps us determine how we can best serve you and our community. It is not about adding more, it is about curating and aligning what we have to support our next steps.

We’ve spent the past few months listening closely to sense what is on the hearts and minds of those we serve as we begin a new year. Through surveys, live Q&A sessions, and ongoing conversations, we’ve tapped into what seems important now. So, as you reflect for yourself on what you need and what you are ready for — check out what we have planned to see what would best suit you.

We’ll with a reflection from David:

Like every other human and small business on the planet, the past three years have been quite a rollercoaster. We’ve continually adapted to meet people where they are in terms of their capacity and need for learning. Sometimes these shifts have been graceful and sometimes less so. Sometimes we were ahead of the curve and sometimes we missed a step. In the end, we have emerged more humble and more courageous.

All the way through, we have done our best to balance the need for stability and the need for agility.

COVID and its many ripple effects led to the departure of two key team members and gaps in our systems at times. We have learned a lot about how to be poised and nimble, even when we are moving through the fog of all that is uncertain. Our current team is strong, and they have strengthened our foundations to serve our community better. I am proud of where we have come, particularly after our fabulous retreat with our faculty in October.

The good news is that we are getting ready to host our largest cohort yet in 2023 and launch exciting new offers to connect our community and support our Narrative Coach graduates. This is supported by ground-breaking research and development I am doing with two major players in the coaching space and our tech partner, Ovida, to move beyond competency frameworks for assessing and developing coaches. It is part of our broader commitment to help practitioners to personally flourish and professionally innovate to address the needs of our time.

New & Ongoing Public Events

David has brought back The Beyond Coaching Experience (BCE) as a monthly series of talks on issues important to our community. BCEs are 90-minute experiences in which you can engage with David and peers in thoughtful reflection and dialogue about what matters in our lives and practices. BCEs happen once a month and they are free and open to anyone!

Updated 2023 Programs

We know that many in our community continue to wrestle with challenges brought on by the pandemic. Many of us are working more again, yet find that what we and our clients need now is often more demanding. So, we have shifted some elements in our programs to respond to those needs. We’ve used David’s most recent research and insights to offer you programs that are more collaborative, experiential, and applied.

We have brought back the Narrative Release Program because many of you asked for guidance on how to work at the thresholds in your own lives and in the lives of those you serve. We updated The ID Way Program to focus more on liberating the learning and development potential in any moment. We are launching our first offers for Narrative Coach Program graduates and a support system for practitioners who want to address bigger issues.

Here are some of the upgrades we believe will serve our community better as we use the present to consider the future:

Deeper connections.

Our 2023 programs will be facilitated in a new learning community on the Circle platform, which will offer more ways to meet and learn with others who are in or have been in our programs. This includes informal and formal ways to network, practice, and collaborate with others who have similar interests or ambitions.

More resources.

David continues to add resources to support your journey through the programs and beyond. We have reformatted our supporting material into more bite-sized pieces, in keeping with how our minds and lives are these days. These resources will be available to you 24/7 so that you can access the right support at the right time.

Deliberate practices.

We’ve increased the scaffolding for practitioners to experience and experiment with the skills in their program as they go. We are building a whole new eco-system for our graduates to increase their mastery and maturity as practitioners and innovate how they apply it with their clients.

We’re thrilled about the direction our programs are headed in the new year, and we would love for you to be a part of it.

What are you ready for now?

The Threshold Lab

The Threshold Lab is getting a boost in 2023 as it is now included in our signature programs! It is a place for connection and inspiration for current participants, graduates and community members as well as a space for collaboration and innovation for Integrative Development practitioners and Narrative Coaches who have graduated.

The Threshold Lab is hosted in Circle (our new community-based online platform) and operates on a monthly subscription model. So you don’t have to wait for an enrollment period to open — you can join today! When you start your 14-day free trial, you’ll be able to join our weekly 90-minute live sessions, connect with others, engage in discussion forums, access special resources, and more.

Join the Moment Institute for Our Strongest Year Yet

Enrollment for our three signature programs only opens once a year. So if you happen to be reading this during enrollment season, lucky you! Save your seat for the 2023 cohort today.

Outside of enrollment season, there are still many ways for you to engage with The Moment Institute. Join our community on Circle by becoming part of The Threshold Lab. It is your opportunity to engage with Moment Institute graduates and practitioners as well as other kindred spirits. Start your 14-day free trial today!

We also invite you to the next Beyond Coaching Experience (BCE). BCEs are free 90-minute experiences with David (and special guests) every month to explore issues related to your personal and professional growth.

Whichever path you choose, we’re excited about what next year has in store for us, and we’re eager to have you as part of our community!