Which Moment Institute Program is Right for You?

If you’re interested in working with more ease as more is asked of you, staying present as your clients’ needs become more complex, and moving forward with your practice even as so much feels unknown, then you’re in the right place.

Here at The Moment Institute, we’ve spent over 25 years exploring and advancing what it takes to help humans learn and develop. While David’s work is deeply rooted in research and what works, we’ve found that what people often need from us is more simple than we might expect:

  • they want to be seen and heard without judgment
  • they want an authentic and generative human connection
  • they want to be witnessed for who they are and who they could become
  • they want a safe place to experience and experiment what is possible

We want to help you be that person for your clients and others you care about. In fact, we designed our programs to help you take that journey for yourself so you can do the same for others. Each program is its own nine-month journey to deeper self-awareness, self-regulation and self-efficacy so you can show up with more presence and purpose.

One question we often get asked is, which program is right for me?

Using what we have learned from over 100 practitioners who attended an Immersion Session or reached out to us to find out where to begin, we thought it would be helpful to clarify the similarities and differences between each program.

Before we dive into the details, here’s a quick overview of the three signature programs we’ll discuss today:

  • Narrative Coach: Help individuals and teams tell and live a new story
  • The ID Way: Liberate groups, organizations, and systems to learn and grow
  • Narrative Release: Develop yourself so you can stand with others at thresholds

Let’s start by discussing some similarities that all our offerings share:

What the Programs Have in Common

A space for deep, personal development

Our work is grounded in radical presence and a deep belief that everything you need is right in front of you. All our programs will support you in developing deeper self-awareness and self-assurance so you can strengthen yourself in these times and help clients to do the same. The most important gift of our programs is often who you become in the process.

A supportive community of like-minded practitioners

A special kind of person is drawn to our programs and the sense of belonging they feel is palpable. In addition to the peers in your program, your registration to The Narrative Coach Program and The ID Way Program also includes a one-year membership to The Threshold Lab. It is our online community where all past and present Moment Institute practitioners can meet up to connect, continue their growth, and collaborate.

An opportunity to integrate and advance your practice

The Moment Institute is passionate about helping you compost what no longer serves you so that you can curate and channel the best of who you are, what you know, and what you can do. We are neither rigid in our dogma or prone to chase fads. Instead, each of our programs enables you to elevate your presence and the way you work.

No matter which Moment Institute program you enroll in, you’ll become part of our supportive, generative and inspiring community. Inside this community, you will find a safe space for yourself to grow your self, your practice and your contribution to the world.

To help you pick the right program for 2023, take a moment to decide what would be most meaningful to you and your career right now:

Do you want to learn how to help your clients step into new narratives that are more authentic and aligned with what matters most to them?

Or are you interested in helping groups and organizations transform their approach to learning and development in order to achieve what matters most to them?

Or maybe you’re looking for a retreat-like space in which to focus on your own growth and integration, especially in crossing the thresholds that matter to you?

No matter your answer, we have a program that’s right for you.

How the Programs Are Different

The Narrative Coach Program

Expand your capacity to help individuals and teams live a new story.

The Narrative Coach Program is where it all began, and it is the ground from which the rest of our work has grown. It is where you can free yourself of many of the old assumptions about coaching to be able to work with clients in a more natural and powerful way. It is where you can learn how to walk alongside people as they move through the spiral of change. It is where you learn all the fundamentals of working with people’s stories in real time in transformative ways.

Narrative Coach is focused on developing your capacity to work with individuals and teams to live into new stories. You will start that journey by experiencing what becomes possible with an NC mindset and working with your own stories so you can do the same for others.

Narrative Coach will equip you to deal with the complexities, uncertainties and possibilities of this pivotal time. It offers support for the healing, wholing and adapting that we all need. If you’re ready to work more deeply, richly and gracefully with your clients and their stories, The Narrative Coach Program is the place to begin.

The ID Way Program

Developing your capacity to bring the innovative approaches to learning and development in NC to any moment through structured emergence.

David has been teaching Narrative Coaching for over 20 years. One of the common questions he got from clients was “Can we scale Narrative Coaching to use with our entire organization?”

His answer was always “yes, AND…” because he felt that coaching was only a piece of the puzzle in bringing NC principles and practices into organizational and culture change projects. He began to work with some pioneering leaders to explore how to incorporate the best of what Narrative Coaching offered into broader initiatives.

Early examples included: (a) helping a healthcare organization make the shift from a medical mindset to a coaching mindset in how they delivered services; and (b) helping a big four firm integrate the essentials of Narrative Coaching in over a dozen firm-wide initiatives (replacing McKinsey in the process!).

In the process, he realized that the most important factor in the success of this emerging work was the ability of these organizations to approach learning and development in some profoundly new ways.

That’s exactly what you’ll learn inside The ID Way. It’s your opportunity to reimagine how you approach adult development and learning so that your clients can make real, sustainable change. This program will show you how to take the essence of Narrative Coaching, and apply it in any moment in a group or organization.

This program is best suited for practitioners who have had some exposure to Narrative Coaching and want to transform their approach to training, facilitating, and leadership development. If this sounds like you, the The ID Way Program may be right for you.

The Narrative Release Program

Developing yourself so you can bring the spiritual philosophy and mindset of NC to work in the ‘field’, at thresholds, and with the unknown —like in the presence of grief.

One of the things that became apparent as Narrative Coach evolved was that practitioners wanted more help in being present to and working with their clients’ more difficult stories. Many of them also wanted to focus more on becoming more conscious rather than consuming more information.

The Narrative Release program is unique in that it’s more of a retreat-like experience than the other two programs. Rather than teaching you information ABOUT things like trauma, shadow, or grief, we’re going to help you learn how to BE WITH them.

In short, Narrative Release is really about developing yourself to be capable of standing in the unknown and at thresholds with yourself and your clients. This is important work as we live in a time when so much feels uncertain and unpredictable.

This program is best suited for practitioners who have had some exposure to Narrative Coaching and want to deepen themselves using the spiritual philosophy that underpins Narrative Coaching. If you want to do some of your own healing, restoring and repurposing in light of what we have been through these past three years, then The Narrative Release Program may be right for you.

Where Should You Start?

If you are new to David’s work, we highly recommend you start with Narrative Coach. From here you can become Certified and deepen your practice through our graduate offers.

If you have already taken one of our programs and/or want to focus on your own development and maturation as a practitioner, then we would recommend you take Narrative Release.

If you have already taken one of our programs and/or want to focus on using this work in other spaces than coaching, then we would recommend you take The ID Way.

For more detailed information about each program, visit their respective web pages:

  • Narrative Coach: Help individuals and teams live a new story
  • The ID Way: Liberate groups, organizations, and systems to learn and grow
  • Narrative ReleaseDevelop yourself so you can stand with others at thresholds

To experience The Moment Institute’s work in action, sign up for our next Immersion Session here.

And finally, if you’re still unsure which program is right for you, please reach out and we’ll schedule a time to chat!